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Body Surgeries in Turkey

Like showing off your own body and not having to be ashamed of anything – many women have a problem with that. It’s fat pads or sagging skin, sagging tissue and other flaws that rob us of our self-confidence. Get Beauty Turkey is happy to help you regain your confidence with surgery.

brazilian butt lift turkey antalya cost

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift is an enlargement of the buttocks to create a beautiful and youthful shape. A specially selected implant, perfectly sized and shaped, is placed under or in the buttock muscle. At the end of the operation, the wound is closed with multi-layer sutures and the wound drainage is placed. The butt lift can also be combined with an autologous fat injection.

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Liposuction turkey antalya cost


If exercise and a change in diet are not enough, the body can be redefined - with liposuction in Turkey. Modern medical developments enable liposuction in almost all areas of the body. In the tumescent procedure, a fat-dissolving liquid is injected locally. Fat pads are loosened by the surgeon and can be suctioned out. After the healing period, you can admire your aesthetically shaped body.

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Neck lift turkey antalya cost

Neck Lift

The natural aging processes of our skin also manifest themselves on the neck over time. The neck loses its elasticity and the associated tissue structures change. A neck lift can help. In Turkey, this can be performed on an outpatient basis in combination with local anesthesia or twilight sleep. Surgeons often remove excess fat during a neck lift and tighten excess skin with appropriate techniques. A special stitching technique under the chin or behind the ears ensures a subtle healing of the invisible area.

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Thigh lift Turkey Antalya cost

Thigh Lift

Slender, flawless legs are a symbol of femininity. However, with increasing age, after pregnancy or after weight loss, the tissue can become slack. Take your chance with a thigh lift in Turkey, where the thigh lift can be performed on an outpatient basis or in combination with a short hospital stay and general anesthesia. In this case, too, the surgeon pays particular attention to making the scars as inconspicuous and small as possible. Therefore, the incision is made on the inside of the thigh.

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Upper arm lift turkey antalya cost

Upper Arm Lift

Enjoy sunny days - with an arm lift in Turkey. Excess skin on the arms is usually tightened on an outpatient basis. In order to keep the scars as small and discreet as possible after the incision, the necessary surgical incisions are carefully made in the armpit. Your surgeons ensure that not only the skin but also the underlying tissue is tightened for a lasting result.

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Buttock lift turkey antalya cost

Buttock Lift

Many women are dissatisfied with their bottom right now. What looks crisp and taut at a young age eventually becomes slack even in slim women. This need not be! Excess tissue can be removed with a buttock lift. The suturing technique is chosen in such a way that the incision is made in the buttock fold and is no longer visible later.

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Tummy tuck turkey antalya cost

Tummy Tuck

A smooth stomach contributes to an attractive and aesthetic silhouette. However, the tissues in the middle of our body can change due to age, pregnancy or weak connective tissue. Turkish surgeons will help you with a tummy tuck. During the operation, sagging skin and excess tissue are removed. After consultation with your doctor and with your approval, hip liposuction can also be helpful in optimizing body shape.

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