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Buttock Lift Turkey / Antalya

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What is a buttock lift?

Buttock lift Turkey / Antalya : You will be put under general anesthesia for this plastic surgery. As with a tummy tuck, excess skin and tissue are removed. The incision is made above or below the buttocks in natural skin folds. During the procedure, the fatty tissue of the body in this area can be used to shape the buttocks or removed by liposuction. The narrowing of the skin and underlying tissue allows your surgeon to achieve a long-lasting aesthetic result. In other words, you can enjoy your well-formed buttocks for a long time! Finally back on the road with shorts or a mini skirt.

Buttock Lift Turkey Antalya Cost

How does a buttock lift Turkey / Antalya work?

Buttock lift Turkey / Antalya : Our cooperating plastic surgeons will inform you in advance about possible surgical measures, check the feasibility of non-invasive methods, explain the risks and complications and inform you about the costs of the buttock lift that you can claim in Turkey. Visit our website for more information. In addition, your medical history will be documented and a physical examination will be performed. Based on this information, an individual concept will be developed for you. Your bottom will be a real eye-catcher!

In a butt lift, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fat tissue to tighten and shape the buttocks. The necessary skin incision is usually made at the upper edge of the buttocks, so that the surgical scar can easily be hidden under the panties. However, the correct incision must be determined on a case-by-case basis and may vary from patient to patient. After the butt lift, the doctor closes the wound with fine stitches.

Buttock Lift Turkey Antalya Cost

What are the advantages of a buttock lift in Turkey / Antalya?

Later in life, skin naturally loses its elasticity. Even radical weight loss can weaken the skin and connective tissue layers in the buttocks. Women and men who worry about their silhouette see this physical change as a major psychological burden. The buttocks contour can be improved again by lifting the buttocks, also known as a buttocks lift. The buttocks are reformed and have an attractive and much firmer appearance.

Our plastic surgeons in Turkey have many years of experience in the field of buttock lifting and of course work according to the latest medical and technical standards. They work with the utmost care and attention, taking your personal ideas into account.


What are the risks of a buttock lift abroad?

A butt lift performed by qualified doctors is a low-risk procedure. However, with every operation there is a certain residual risk. Postoperative swelling and wound healing disorders are among the most common complications that occur after a buttock lift. Some patients report a sensory disturbance in the operated skin areas. This usually goes away after a few days or weeks. In very rare cases, postoperative infections, intolerance reactions or thrombosis can occur.

After the buttock lift, you should wear compression pants for four to six weeks, which promote the healing process of the skin and optimize the result of the operation. It is quite normal to experience slight swelling or bruising after a butt lift. These disappear completely after a few days or weeks. The end result of the butt lift can be evaluated after three to six months.

Give yourself a two to three week break to fully recover from the surgery. In the meantime, you should avoid sitting for a long time and shaking. Heavy physical work should be resumed after four to six weeks at the earliest. In addition, you should avoid intensive physical activity for six to eight weeks.

Buttock Lift Turkey / Antalya - Costs & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

1 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 Night


From 3,990


Buttock Lift - Frequently Asked Questions

Targeted fitness exercises strengthen the buttocks, but do not always achieve the desired tightening effect. If the skin and connective tissue are heavily overloaded, neither massage nor sporting activities can guarantee complete recovery. In this case, doctors recommend a facelift. A butt lift not only helps you shape your buttocks properly, it also gives you new confidence.

You have to pay around 2,800 euros for a butt lift in Turkey. We would be happy to discuss the exact costs and details of this cosmetic operation over the phone. You will then receive a written offer at a fixed price. Get Beauty Turkey guarantees you full transparency about first-class medical care and fair costs. we are looking forward to hearing from you!