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Breast Surgeries in Turkey

All women want their breasts to be nice and firm – especially when they don’t look the same after pregnancy. The breasts also usually change with age and become saggy. This is normal as skin loses its elasticity over time. Many women then no longer dare to show themselves in a bikini or bathing suit and hide. This can already affect young women who may find their breasts too large. But it doesn’t have to be like this! Breast surgeries such as a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction help you to show yourself again. Get Beauty Turkey will help you!

Breast lift turkey antalya cost

Breast Lift

Breast augmentation (mastopexy) is a surgical technique used to lift and shape sagging breasts. Breast lifts are performed in Turkey as part of a cosmetic surgery. Thanks to the modern breast lift technique that we offer in Turkey, excess skin is reduced while maintaining the actual volume of the breast. A breast lift in Turkey is basically suitable for all women who suffer greatly from the lost shape of their breasts and are looking for a treatment method that can reliably correct this cosmetic defect. If the breast volume is significantly reduced (after pregnancy or weight loss), breast augmentation with implants can be performed simultaneously with breast lift.

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Breast augmentation turkey antalya cost

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is suitable for women who consider their breasts to be too small (compared to other body proportions). Breast implants are available in many different versions. Each implant consists of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel or a saline solution. However, silicone-filled implants are the most commonly used due to their long lifespan and high strength. In addition, their consistency is comparable to that of a woman's breast tissue. In the detailed consultation, we present you with all available breast implants and select a suitable implant with you. There are three surgical approaches in total. Most doctors make a small incision in the lower breast crease area. Due to this incision, almost no scar is visible after mammoplasty, as the natural shape of the female breast covers the scar. Access through the armpit is also possible.

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Breast reduction turkey antalya cost

Breast Reduction

Ihre Brust wird zur Last und Sie suchen einen Spezialisten, der Ihnen professionell hilft? Unser Team von Get Beauty Turkey in Antalya hilft Ihnen gerne bei der Suche nach dem richtigen Schönheitschirurgen! Eine große Brust schränkt nicht nur die Bewegungsfreiheit ein, sondern wirkt sich auch negativ auf die Elastizität der Haut aus. Die Brustverkleinerung soll das übermäßige Volumen der Brüste auf ein angemessenes Maß reduzieren. Überschüssiges Fett- und Brustgewebe und irritierende Hautpartien werden operativ entfernt. Auch der Brustwarzenkomplex wird in eine angenehme ästhetische Position gebracht. Um die Brustwarze herum und dann senkrecht bis zur unteren Brustfalte wird ein sogenannter I-Schnitt durchgeführt. Ein T- oder L-förmiger Schnitt hinterlässt auch eine kleine horizontale Narbe im Bereich der unteren Brustfalte. Schließlich ist es ein kreisförmiger Schnitt, der im Kreis um den Warzenhof gemacht wird. Der Arzt muss je nach Fall entscheiden, welcher Schnitt für den Patienten am besten geeignet ist.

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