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Facial Surgical Turkey

Facial Surgery Turkey: If you desire a youthful facial appearance or want to improve the symmetry of your face, our plastic surgeons in Turkey are here for you!

Facelift Turkey Antalya cost

Face Lift

Does the mirror show wrinkled facial skin? Restore your radiant face with state-of-the-art surgeries - a facelift in Turkey at Get Beauty Turkey. The natural aging processes of the skin and underlying tissue do not stop with our face. If you look in the mirror you'll notice a wrinkle or two or a little excess of fat here and there. During the operation, the facial skin is carefully tightened, excess fat is removed or, if necessary, fatty tissue is built up. This gives your face a new contour and a naturally rejuvenated appearance. Age-related wrinkles or lines are successfully smoothed out. Ideally, this process can also be combined very well with other processes.

from €3,990
Chin correction Turkey Antalya cost

Chin Correction

The shape of the chin determines the harmony of the face. Whether youth, dynamism or self-affirmation, the chin is an important factor in body language. A chin correction can help you achieve the facial expression you want. Here your surgeons can optimize the chin with their own bone material or bone grafts. In the case of a chin reduction, however, the bone is surgically removed in order to achieve a reduction. Both operations are performed under general anesthesia, but can also be performed on an outpatient basis. The incisions are designed in such a way that there are no visible scars on the face.

from €1,990
Eyelid correction Turkey Antalya cost

Eyelid Correction

The eyes transmit the vitality of the body. However, if they look tired and saggy, they lack facial luminosity. At Get Beauty Turkey in Antalya we have a solution for you: eyelid correction performed by specialized surgeons in our clinic in Turkey. This professional surgical procedure tightens your eyelids and permanently corrects dark circles and heavy eyelids. Even if you suffer from bags under the eyes, ie the classic problem of the lower eyelids, ie age-related swelling of the lower eyelids, we offer you an aesthetic correction of the lower eyelids in Turkey. A clean, inconspicuous incision along the lash line opens the lower edge of the lid and gently removes the fatty tissue.

from €1,800
Rhinoplasty Turkey Antalya cost


A beautiful nose shape gives you a harmonious and friendly facial expression. The shape and size of your nose plays a crucial role in developing your facial profile and also influences the harmony of your facial proportions. Do you want your nose aesthetics to blend harmoniously and gently with your other facial structures? It is possible to correct long noses, humped and asymmetrical noses, crooked noses, constrictions, etc., as well as to fill in tissue defects such as saddle noses.

from €1,990
PRP wrinkle treatment cost

PRP Wrinkle Treatment

The PRP wrinkle treatment ensures more beautiful and firmer skin. This type of wrinkle treatment is natural and also suitable for allergy sufferers. The first effects appear within a few days. PRP wrinkle treatment is a modern procedure for tightening the skin of the face and neck, based on the regenerative ability of body tissue. The abbreviation PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Your own blood is collected and processed to obtain blood plasma with a high concentration of platelets. The PRP is injected directly under the skin with a fine syringe. The stimulated regeneration processes of your skin start their work and improve the structure of your skin significantly.

from €1,800