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Nose Op Turkey | Antalya – Rhinoplasty

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What is a rhinoplasty?

Nose Op Turkey | Antalya: Do you think your nose is too big, too wide or crooked? A nose shape that differs greatly from the generally prevailing ideal of beauty can strain the psyche and weaken self-confidence. Choose a rhinoplasty in Turkey if you are not happy with the appearance of your nose and want a permanent change.

Whether it’s a humped nose, a saddle nose or an asymmetrical nose: an aesthetic rhinoplasty corrects unwanted shapes. The consequences of an accident can also be addressed in a targeted manner. Functional rhinoplasty, on the other hand, aims to improve the function of the nose. For example, a misalignment of the nasal septum can be corrected to facilitate nasal breathing.

On the one hand there is the closed technique, in which operations are carried out exclusively through incisions in the nose. The open surgical technique requires an additional incision on the bridge of the nose. Less visible scars occur when using the closed surgical technique. The open technique, on the other hand, offers a better view of the surgical field. In most cases it is the patient’s physical condition that will determine the method to be used.

Correction of long noses, humped noses and asymmetrical noses, crooked noses, constrictions etc. as well as filling of tissue defects, such as a saddle nose, are possible. If the nasal septum is deviated, it can be straightened during the procedure.

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How does a rhinoplasty work - Nase Op Turkey | Antalya from?

Nose Op Turkey | Antalya: Before a rhinoplasty, precise agreements are made between you and the plastic surgeon in order to harmonize your wishes and ideas for the modeling of your nose and the medical possibilities. In the first consultation, the Turkish plastic surgeon will introduce you to the different methods that can be used for the procedure. You will also be examined and your medical history documented. In addition, the surgeon will hold an information session with you about the treatment and the anesthesia team will discuss the anesthesia process with you.

Nose operations are always performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the problem, cartilage and bone are removed or filled through the nose. If necessary, the nasal septum can also be straightened. The incision is made in the nose to avoid external scars.

After the operation, your nose will first be bandaged. You will be well informed about the side effects of the surgery and the healing process will be monitored by a doctor at follow-up visits. In any case, you should not have to make any further efforts for several weeks after nose surgery to avoid the post-operative bleeding. Rhinoplasty should be done by professionals.


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What are the advantages of a rhinoplasty - Nase Op Turkey | Antalya?

Rhinoplasty is a very demanding operation that requires a lot of surgical skills and experience. Therefore, rely on our Turkish plastic surgeons who will work together to successfully perform your rhinoplasty with a high level of sensitivity and professionalism. Our team at Getbeauty Turkey in Antalya is in close contact with the most renowned specialists in the field of nose correction (rhinoplasty) in Turkey and will be happy to help you establish these contacts. Don’t hesitate to tell us about it. It goes without saying that you will be fully informed about the risks and possible complications of the surgery and the cost of nose job in Turkey. These are clearly marked for you in a separate place.

What are the risks associated with a rhinoplasty abroad?

Nose Op Turkey | Antalya: A rhinoplasty performed by a professional is considered a low-risk operation. Serious complications are rare. Postoperative bleeding or swelling can usually be treated without any problems. Postoperative pain is difficult to predict. If there is an uncomfortable feeling of pressure, analgesics can be administered. Competent and loving care in a single room in our clinic guarantees you the highest level of well-being.

Swelling of the nose and eyes can occur in the first few days after the operation. Also, bluish discoloration of the skin is not uncommon. In addition, nasal breathing may be temporarily blocked. Infections and wound healing disorders are rare because rhinoplasty is one of the least risky surgical plastic procedures. After about two weeks, the larger swellings disappeared and our patients can go out again.

Physical protection is required after any operation. Therefore you should let your work rest for ten to fourteen days. However, strict bed rest is not required. Combine your rhinoplasty in Turkey with a holiday in Antalya and enjoy a relaxing holiday on the Mediterranean coast. After just two to three weeks you can do light endurance training. On the other hand, you should refrain from martial arts or ball games as these activities increase the risk of nose injury.

Nasal tissue is slow to heal and takes about six to 12 months after surgery to fully recover. All externally visible signs of rhinoplasty (swelling, redness, bruises) have almost disappeared after two to four weeks and are hardly recognizable to non-specialists.

Nose Op Turkey | Antalya – Costs & Procedure

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1 - 3 Hours

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