Plastic Surgery – Prices & Costs

Plastische Chirurgie - Preise & Kosten

Eyelid correction Turkey Antalya cost

Eyelid Correction

from 1,800€

Thread lift turkey antalya cost


from 2,100€

Chin correction Turkey Antalya cost

Chin Correction

from 1,990€

Facelift Turkey Antalya cost

Face Lift

from 2,800€

brazilian butt lift turkey antalya cost

Brazilian Butt Lift

from 2,500€

Thigh lift Turkey Antalya cost

Thigh Lift

from 2,400€

Upper arm lift turkey antalya cost

Upper Arm Lift

from 2,400€

Buttock lift turkey antalya cost

Buttock Lift

from 2,500€

Tummy tuck turkey antalya cost

Tummy Tuck

from 2,500€

Liposuction turkey antalya cost


from 1,900€

Neck lift turkey antalya cost

Neck Lift

from 2,300€

Breast lift turkey antalya cost

Breast Lift

from 3,500€

Breast reduction turkey antalya cost

Breast Reduction

from 2,900€

Cosmetic Surgery Turkey Antalya Prices and Costs

There are many reasons why cosmetic surgery can be helpful. For example, many women suffer from the shape or size of their breasts or other body parts not meeting their expectations. But increasing environmental influences and the natural aging process of the skin can also be the cause. We would be happy to advise you on what is possible and what is not.

We can offer you many operations in Turkey cheaper than in Germany, such as a breast operation in Turkey. Our clinic works with the most modern equipment and experienced specialists. You save nothing on the quality of your treatment! The only difference is the operating and personnel costs of a clinic in Germany and abroad. In Turkey, wage costs and ancillary wage costs are significantly lower than in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This allows us to pass the lower prices on to our patients. You can use this price advantage directly! Comparable cosmetic procedures in Germany usually cost several thousand euros more.

Cheap surgeries – cosmetic surgeries in Turkey

Take advantage of the price advantage and simply combine a pleasant holiday with your plastic surgery project in Turkey. Get Beauty Turkey offers a relaxing environment before or after cosmetic surgery. During your stay you will be supported in German, as well as with the organization of the hotel, the clinic and future transfers.

German citizens can enter Turkey with their identity card. If you need a visa and more information, you can find it at:  We do all your transfers for free with our VIP transport service. Make your wishes come true with Get Beauty Turkey and benefit from the low prices of cosmetic surgeries in Turkey.