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BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey – Cost Price & Procedures 

BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey – Costs & Procedures: Enhance your beauty with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey. Experience top-notch procedures at competitive costs. Turkey’s expertise in aesthetic surgery makes it a preferred destination for those seeking a cost-effective and appealing transformation. Start your journey today!

Brazilian Butt Lift Costs: From £3,190 or $4,090

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey / Antalya – Duration of Treatment – Hospital Stay – Costs

At GetBeauty Turkey in Antalya, we provide this life-changing procedure at affordable prices. Our expert surgeons skillfully sculpt your body to enhance your natural beauty. Discover more about BBL in Türkiye costs, pricing, and procedure.

Duration of Treatment

1,5 – 3 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 – 2 Nights


From £3,190 or $4,090

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Experience the transformation with a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), an innovative body contouring technique that combines liposuction with fat grafting for the ultimate curvaceous figure. Through the BBL procedure, unwanted fat from areas like the abdomen or thighs is harvested and strategically re-injected into the buttocks for a fuller, firmer, and more youthful appearance. Unleash your inner confidence and accentuate your natural beauty with the art of BBL. Discover the perfect balance between aesthetics and function with this highly sought-after cosmetic procedure.

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BBL at GetBeauty in Turkey / Antalya

At GetBeauty in Antalya, Turkey, we revolutionize your body contours with the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedure. Harnessing advanced techniques in fat grafting and liposuction, we transform your figure, shifting unwanted fat to create fuller, perkier buttocks. Our expert surgeons deliver stunning, natural-looking results in our state-of-the-art facilities, prioritizing patient safety and satisfaction. Take advantage of the GetBeauty BBL treatment in the peaceful city of Antalya and kick-start a fresh era of self-esteem.

Brazilian Butt Lift
BBL Türkei Kosten im Ausland

Brazilian Butt Lift – Abroad

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a popular cosmetic procedure enhancing your natural curves for a voluptuous, well-rounded posterior. Opting for BBL abroad, such as in Turkey, can offer the dual benefits of quality medical care and significant cost savings. With state-of-the-art clinics, experienced surgeons, and alluring touristic experiences, undergoing BBL abroad can be an excellent choice for patients seeking world-class cosmetic transformations paired with an unforgettable journey. Choose a reputable clinic, ensure thorough pre-procedure consultation, and enjoy a new, confident you.

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Turkey – Benefits

Embarking on a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey presents numerous benefits. Among the top advantages is the access to highly experienced, internationally recognized surgeons. These experts leverage advanced techniques to sculpt your desired shape with precision. Additionally, Turkey’s medical facilities boast cutting-edge technology, ensuring optimal results and patient safety. Beyond the medical aspect, Turkey offers attractive prices for BBL in Turkey / Antalya, significantly lower than many other countries. Lastly, the opportunity to recover in a beautiful touristic destination, with a myriad of cultural and natural attractions, makes Turkey an appealing choice for your BBL procedure.

 BBL Turkey / Antalya – Costs

When considering a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), cost is a significant factor for many people. BBL in Turkey offers an attractive alternative to higher-priced procedures in other countries. At GetBeauty, we provide top-quality (BBL) Brazilian Butt Lift Costs: From £3,190 or $4,090. This affordable cost includes comprehensive care, with internationally recognized surgeons, cutting-edge medical facilities, and world-class patient support. When searching for BBL in Turkey Cost or Brazilian Butt Lift in Antalya Price, remember that GetBeauty offers excellent value, combining affordability with high-quality medical care.

BBL Türkei Kosten
BBL Brazilian Butt Lift – Risks

BBL – Risks

Like any surgical procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) comes with some risks and potential complications. These may include infection, scarring, unexpected reactions to anesthesia, hematoma, fat embolism, and dissatisfaction with cosmetic results. Furthermore, irregularities in skin smoothness, asymmetry, and changes in skin sensation can occur. It’s important to discuss these risks with your surgeon at GetBeauty to ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the procedure and its potential outcomes. Despite these risks, choosing a reputable clinic and an experienced surgeon, like those at GetBeauty, can significantly minimize these possibilities.

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BBL Brazilian Butt Lift – Risks Reduction at GetBeauty in Turkey

At GetBeauty in Turkey, we prioritize patient safety above all else in our Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures. Our experienced surgeons use advanced techniques to minimize risks and complications. Regular patient monitoring, personalized aftercare programs, and detailed preoperative evaluations help us to identify and manage potential risks early. Moreover, we provide clear instructions for pre- and post-operative care, ensuring patients are well-prepared for a safe recovery. By strictly adhering to international surgical safety standards, we are committed to minimizing risks associated with BBL procedures and maximizing patient satisfaction with the results.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Choosing a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Türkiye is an important decision that comes with many questions. Our FAQ guide at GetBeauty Turkey provides concise answers to your queries about the procedure, recovery, and costs. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout your BBL journey. Choose GetBeauty Turkey for superior care and results.

When you choose Get Beauty Turkey medical services, you will get top quality treatment at a great price. A Brazilian butt lift performed in a renowned Turkish clinic costs around £3,190 or 4,090 dollars.

All the details of this aesthetic procedure can be discussed over the phone. You will then receive a written offer at a fixed price that guarantees you full-cost transparency.

Brazilian butt lift Turkey – Antalya: With a Brazilian butt lift, the bottom is shaped and surgically enlarged. Usually, this Brazilian buttock lift is performed with the patient’s fat. If there is not enough body fat, implants can be placed. Of course, a combination of both techniques is also possible.

Under certain conditions, subject to prior control, buttock augmentation can be combined with implants with autologous fat injection. This is done in two steps. First, fat removal (also called liposuction) is performed using the so-called tumescence technique, in which local anesthetics and vasoconstricting substances are injected into specified tissue areas in a saline solution. After a while, the fat cells are removed and the liposuction itself is performed with care.

The body fat is treated and in a second step distributed in several layers on the gluteus maximus at predetermined locations. Ask your Turkish cosmetic surgeon! It examines which variants are effective and promising for you.

At Getbeauty, you’ll find a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons specializing in BBL procedures. Their expertise ensures that the latest techniques and safety protocols are followed, resulting in optimal outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Getbeauty’s clinics are equipped with cutting-edge technology and adhere to international standards. From consultation to recovery, you’ll experience top-notch care in a comfortable and hygienic environment.

Affordable Costs

Choosing BBL in Turkey at Getbeauty offers competitive pricing without compromising on quality. The cost-effective packages include not only the surgical procedure but also other related services, providing significant value for your investment.

Personalized Treatment Plans

At Getbeauty, every patient is unique. Tailored treatment plans are designed to meet individual needs and preferences, ensuring that the results align with your specific aesthetic goals.

Tourism and Recovery

Turkey is a renowned destination for medical tourism. Combining your BBL procedure with a relaxing vacation allows for a pleasant recovery experience. Explore Turkey’s rich culture and beautiful landscapes while benefiting from Getbeauty’s excellent post-operative care.


Opting for a BBL at Getbeauty in Turkey is a wise choice for those seeking professional, affordable, and personalized care. The combination of experienced surgeons, modern facilities, and attractive packages makes Getbeauty a preferred destination for your aesthetic transformation.

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey – Antalya: In this procedure, you will be put under general anesthesia and the plastic surgeon will work with a team of anesthesiologists. The surgeon uses an incision technique that allows for a discreet suture in a buttock crease. The specially selected implant, which fits perfectly in size and shape, is placed under or in the buttock muscle. At the end of the operation, the wound is closed with a multi-layer suture material and a wound drain is placed. 

When modeling with autologous fat, around 60 to 80 percent of the injected fat cells develop and achieve a long-lasting and naturally beautiful lifting effect. Augmentation with implants produces permanent results. The decision as to which treatment method is suitable for the patient lies with the doctor on a case-by-case basis. The final result of the Brazilian butt lift can be admired after three to six months.

Our plastic surgeons in Turkey perform autologous fat injection procedures and buttock treatments with routine and special care. It goes without saying that European hygiene standards are fully respected at work.

Our Get Beauty Turkey team in Antalya will be happy to arrange an appointment with your Turkish specialist for the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Within the first four to six weeks after the Brazilian butt lift, you should wear compression clothing that supports the connective tissue and stimulates the healing process. Light office work is possible after three to five days. After two weeks at the earliest, you should be able to work hard again. You should refrain from exercising for the first four weeks after the operation.

The Brazilian butt lift is one of the least risky cosmetic procedures. However, complications can occur with any operation. After liposuction, bruises, and swellings often occur, which disappear completely after just a few weeks. Other surgical risks are postoperative bleeding, infections or wound healing disorders. In rare cases, capsular fibrosis (hardening of implants) can occur during the use of implants. However, if capsular contracture is detected early, it is easy to treat.

Combining your Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey with other surgeries such as a Boob Job TurkeyNose Job TurkeyBreast Augmentation Turkey, or Tummy Tuck Turkey is not only feasible but also popular. Turkey’s renowned medical facilities and expertise in these areas allow for personalized treatment plans. Whether you’re considering a Boob Job in Turkey, a Nose Job, Breast Augmentation, or a Tummy Tuck, coordinating these procedures with a BBL can save both time and cost. Consult At GetBeauty top Turkish specialists to tailor your transformative journey today!