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Breast Lift Turkey / Antalya – Cost / Price & Details

Breast Lift Turkey – Cost: Looking to enhance your figure? Choose GetBeauty in Turkey for top-notch breast lift surgery, with or without implants. We prioritize a balanced and visually appealing silhouette. With our highly skilled plastic surgery professionals, we employ the latest methods to ensure you receive the best results post your breast lift operation.

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey / Antalya – Cost starting from £2,590 or $3,290.

Breast Lift Turkey / Antalya: Duration of Treatment – Hospital Stay – Cost and Prices

Typically, a breast lift in Turkey takes between 1 and 4 hours. For the procedure, anticipate a clinic stay of 1 to 3 days. Prices & costs for a breast lift in Antalya, Turkey, begin at an attractive rate of £2,590 or $3,290.


Duration of Treatment

1 – 4 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 – 2 Night

Cost and Prices

From £2,590 or $3,290

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Breast Lift

A breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the contour of the breast and create a more youthful appearance. There are two primary methods: the breast lift surgery with implants and the breast lift without implants. Each method offers its benefits, with the choice varying depending on the individual needs, aesthetic goals, and anatomy of the patient. Many individuals opt for a breast lift to achieve a firmer, uplifted, and rejuvenated look, especially after events like pregnancy, weight loss after Gastric Sleeve in Turkey, or aging.

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Breast Lift in Turkey / Antalya

At GetBeauty, your trusted partner for medical tourism in Turkey / Antalya, explore the diverse offerings of breast lift surgery, both with and without implants. Together with esteemed specialists and top-tier clinics in Antalya, Turkey, we not only promise the highest medical standards but also deliver remarkable aesthetic outcomes. The procedure focuses on restoring a youthful breast contour by eliminating excess tissue and reshaping the breast. Whether you opt for a breast lift with implants, adding extra volume, or a lift without implants, at GetBeauty, you’re in exceptional hands. Leveraging the state-of-the-art techniques and technologies of our partner clinics in Turkey, patients can anticipate a symmetrical, natural breast shape with enduring results. Anyone looking to enhance their breasts will benefit from this tailored solution.

Breast Lift Surgery in Turkey / Antalya – Cost
How does a breast lift in Turkey Antalya work?

Breast Lift Abroad

Recently, there’s been a surge in interest for cosmetic surgeries abroad, particularly concerning breast lift surgery. This trend is fueled by a combination of premier medical care and an appealing cost-benefit ratio. Countries with a sterling reputation in aesthetic surgery, such as Turkey, not only provide top-notch medical procedures but also offer patients an opportunity to experience cultural diversity and explore local attractions. However, those considering a breast lift abroad should conduct thorough research and seek expert advice to ensure that both the chosen medical facility and the treating physician meet their individual expectations.

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Breast Lift in Turkey – Unleash Your Full Potential

Antalya has emerged as a top-tier destination for breast lifts. With its skilled surgeons and progressive medical techniques, Turkey stands among the leaders in plastic surgery. At GetBeauty, our primary focus is catering to the unique desires and expectations of our patients. We pride ourselves not only on competitive pricing but also on our unwavering commitment to quality and patient safety throughout every stage of the procedure. This firmly establishes Turkey as the go-to choice for breast lifts, whether with implants, without implants, or just a simple breast tightening.

Breast lift Türkiye cost

Breast Lift in Turkey – Cost

Breast Lift in Turkey – Cost Starting from £2,590 or $3,290: At GetBeauty in Antalya, we offer not only competitive prices for your breast lift but also a comprehensive care package setting benchmarks in service and patient support. Included in the package are the surgical procedure, all necessary medications, transfers within Antalya, and of course, assistance in German throughout your stay. GetBeauty Turkey has established itself as a front-runner in this segment through top-quality medical services and attractive price quotes for breast lifts – the optimal choice for those seeking rejuvenation and firming of their breasts.

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Breast Lift Turkey / Antalya – Premium Surgery at Fair Prices & Costs

Breast Lift Turkey – Cost Starting from 2,590 Sterling or 3,290 Dollars. Nestled in the picturesque city of Antalya, GetBeauty represents unmatched excellence and exceptional quality at a fair price in the realm of breast lifts. Our all-inclusive packages not only encompass the surgical procedure itself but also all required medications, post-operative care, transfers within Antalya, comprehensive support in English, and dedicated follow-up appointments. Renowned for its expertise, GetBeauty Turkey stands as a leading provider of cosmetic treatments, with a transparent pricing model catering to those aiming for a tighter, rejuvenated, and revamped breast appearance, ensuring utmost patient satisfaction.

Breast Lift Risks – Expert Planning and Execution

Every surgical procedure comes with inherent risks, and breast lift surgery is no exception. Potential risks include infections, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia. There’s also the possibility of complications such as excessive scarring or unsatisfactory aesthetic outcomes. At GetBeauty in Antalya, we’re committed to minimizing these risks by leveraging cutting-edge techniques and strictly adhering to hygiene standards. For us, comprehensive patient education and consultation take precedence. Therefore, before undergoing the procedure, an in-depth discussion with one of our specialists is essential to fully grasp both the potential risks and the anticipated benefits of a breast lift.

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Breast Lift in Turkey / Antalya: Uncompromising Quality and Safety through Expertise

Though breast lifts are generally considered safe surgical procedures, like all surgeries, they carry certain risks. At Get Beauty in Turkey, located in the scenic city of Antalya, we employ the latest surgical practices and technologies to keep this risk spectrum as minimal as possible. Our adept surgeons adhere to the strictest hygiene and safety protocols, ensuring every patient is thoroughly educated and cared for both pre- and post-operation. For us, patient safety is paramount, while we simultaneously strive to achieve aesthetically superior outcomes.

Breast lift risks

Breast Lift Turkey / Antalya – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering a breast lift in Turkey, there are undoubtedly many aspects you’ll want to consider. In this section, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions from our patients, aimed at providing clarity about the process, the experts involved, and the expected results. With this information, we hope to assist you in making an informed decision and maximizing the benefits of your cosmetic venture.

A well-defined breast is an expression of beauty and femininity. Breast lift Turkey / Antalya performed as part of cosmetic surgery. Pregnancy or weight loss can affect breast elasticity. However, our Get Beauty Turkey team in Antalya does not only focus on optical and aesthetic aspects related to breast lift, but on the entire spectrum and therefore on your general physical health. It’s not uncommon for so-called “saggy breasts” to cause back and neck pain.

Optimal patient care and information

A breast lift is a surgical method to lift and shape sagging or sagging breasts. It is not uncommon for women’s breasts to lose their elasticity as they age. Pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight fluctuations also reduce skin elasticity. A breast lift in Turkey is helpful for all women who suffer greatly from breast shrinkage and are looking for a method that can reliably correct this unpleasant cosmetic blemish.

The plastic breast lift is performed in a hospital in Turkey on a clinical basis, the operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 2-3.5 hours. About twenty different incision techniques are used to lift the breast – which the surgeon uses depending on the patient and factors. The wishes and physical condition of the woman are taken into account (eg the quality of the skin and connective tissue, the natural shape of the breast, the position of the nipples, etc.).

Various techniques and their use

For example, the technique that leaves the fewest scars is the periareolar method, in which the surgeon removes a ring of skin around the nipple and then attaches the wound to the top layer of skin. Another technique (with the most impact) is to lift the chest with a T-cut. Here the incision is made around the areola, then from the underside perpendicular to the breast crease, and then left and right to create a T.

Aftercare and recovery process

The L-shaped cut, on the other hand, is only the same up to the lower breast crease, but then only continues outwards. All surgical techniques in Turkey remove excess skin tissue and move the nipple up a little. A drainage system is then installed so that blood and secretions can drain off optimally. A first follow-up check is carried out after 10 days and the last after 4 weeks. Shortly after surgery, only sports bras should be worn and physical activity should be avoided for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Breast lift Turkey / Antalya: From a medical point of view, breast lift is usually unproblematic, but the most important requirement is that the patient is fully grown. Ideally, the operation should only take place after the pregnancy and after the end of the breastfeeding period. In general, there should be about 8 months between the end of breastfeeding and breast lift surgery in Turkey.

Safety standards and potential risks

Every cosmetic procedure carries a certain risk, which modern medical care and surgical methods can minimize. Our breast lifts in Turkey are carried out exclusively in renowned clinics and with TÜV-certified medical technology. In rare cases, slight blood and wound healing disorders can occur after a breast lift. A temporary loss of sensation in the nipple area cannot be completely ruled out either.

After the procedure: healing and a new attitude to life

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia, so patients do not feel any pain during the operation. In the first few days after the procedure, some women experience an uncomfortable feeling of tightness that can be treated with analgesics. However, these symptoms quickly decrease and our patients gain a completely new attitude towards life.

Thanks to the modern breast lift technique that we offer in Turkey, excess skin is reduced while maintaining the actual volume of the breasts. Of course, a parallel breast augmentation can also be combined with the lift. In addition to stabilizing physical health, the desired breast appearance is also corrected and you feel comfortable in your body again.

Breast Lift in Turkey: With or Without Implants? A Detailed Comparison:

When considering a breast lift, patients often grapple with the decision to opt for implants or not. Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks, depending largely on individual goals and anatomy. Let’s delve into a comprehensive comparison:

Breast Lift with Implants 


  1. Volume & Contour: Implants enhance breast volume, appealing to those desiring both a lift and an augmentation.
  2. Shape & Symmetry: Implants provide greater control over the final breast shape and symmetry.
  3. Lasting Results: Implants often help maintain results for a longer period by stabilizing the volume and form.


  1. Surgical Risks: Introducing implants is more invasive and may present risks such as infections or capsular contracture (hardening around the implant).
  2. Lifespan: Implants have a certain lifespan and might require replacement after some years.
  3. Natural Feel: Breasts augmented with implants might feel firmer or less natural than non-augmented breasts.

Breast Lift without Implants 


  1. Natural Outcome: Without foreign material, post-operative breasts generally feel and appear more natural.
  2. Fewer Complications: The absence of implants eliminates risks like capsular contracture.
  3. No Replacement Needed: Without implants, there’s no future need for replacement.


  1. Volume Limitation: Without implants, there’s no added volume which might not be ideal for those desiring fuller breasts.
  2. Shape Change Over Time: Absence of implants means breasts might undergo more pronounced shape changes, especially with weight fluctuations or subsequent pregnancies.


The choice between a breast lift with or without implants largely depends on individual preferences and physical conditions. It’s imperative to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon to make the most informed and personalized decision for your cosmetic aspirations. Always prioritize safety and expertise, especially in renowned destinations like Turkey known for its advancements in cosmetic procedures.

Breast reduction can be performed at a young age when oversized breasts become a permanent burden on the body and psyche. A breast lift is usually only necessary when the skin and breast tissue become saggy and sag significantly due to age. If the breast volume decreases significantly (after pregnancy or weight loss), breast augmentation with implants can also be carried out at the same time as a breast lift.

With a breast lift, the glandular tissue and areola are carefully lifted. The excess skin is then removed. The rest of the breast tissue and skin are tightened to give the breasts a nice shape. Dropped nipples are also lifted and aesthetically placed. Breast lift can be combined with the placement of silicone-filled implants when there is not enough of the body’s own tissue to form a full breast.

Whether health insurance will cover the expenses for a breast lift in Turkey depends on various factors and is primarily influenced by the specific policies of your health insurance company and regulations in your home country. Here are some general considerations:

Factors to Consider

  1. Medical Justification: Typically, health insurers cover the costs for cosmetic procedures only if there’s a clear medical justification. This could be significant physical discomfort or psychological distress due to sagging breasts. However, even if a medical necessity exists, additional criteria and guidelines often apply.
  2. Treatment Abroad: Many health insurance companies have strict regulations regarding coverage for treatments conducted abroad. If specialists in your home country offer the procedure, the insurer might argue that treatment abroad isn’t necessary. This stance might be especially true for Turkey, known for its affordable prices in cosmetic surgery.
  3. Quality and Safety: Another factor insurers weigh is the quality and safety of medical care overseas. Patients opting for treatments abroad to save money might inadvertently choose clinics that don’t meet the medical standards and safety protocols of clinics in their home country.

Seeking a Breast Lift Abroad – Getting Costs Covered

If you’re contemplating having a breast lift in Turkey and wish for your health insurance to cover the costs, consider:

  • Obtaining Prior Approval: Before undergoing the procedure, ensure you’ve received written approval from your health insurer to avoid any post-procedure financial surprises.
  • Submit a Cost Estimate: Providing your insurance company with a detailed cost estimate from the Turkish clinic can support your request for coverage.
  • Present Medical Documentation: In some instances, offering medical documents, like reports from physicians or psychologists, can bolster your case for coverage.


In summary, it’s relatively unlikely for health insurance to cover the expenses for a breast lift in Turkey unless specific justifying reasons exist. However, it’s always advisable to directly inquire with your insurance provider and be fully informed about their terms and conditions.

First there is the I-incision (Lejour method), where the scar extends around the nipples and perpendicular to the breast crease. With the L or T incision technique, a horizontal skin incision is also made in the breast fold. Finally, there is the Benelli method, which consists in making a circular incision around the areola. Because every female body has a different shape, it is up to the doctor to decide which incision is appropriate for each individual case.

A breast lift is performed under general anesthesia, so patients do not feel any pain during the operation. In the first few days after the procedure, some women experience an uncomfortable feeling of tightness that can be treated with analgesics. However, these symptoms quickly decrease and our patients gain a completely new attitude towards life.


Combining Surgeries with Breast Lift in Turkey: Options and Benefits

Turkey, especially the coastal city of Antalya, has emerged over the years as a prime destination for aesthetic surgery. Many patients considering a breast lift also ponder whether to combine this procedure with other surgeries to maximize their results and make the most out of their trip. Here are some of the most common surgeries that can be combined with a breast lift:

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Many women desire not just a firmer bust but also a more voluminous one. By combining breast lift with augmentation, a more harmonious and fuller appearance can be achieved.


For some women, it might be beneficial to remove fat from specific body areas in addition to a breast lift, whether it’s from the abdomen, hips, or thighs. This ensures a more streamlined silhouette overall.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

For women aiming for both a slimmer waist and a firmer bust, combining a tummy tuck with a breast lift can be ideal, especially after pregnancies.

Breast Reduction

At times, it might be necessary not just to lift but also to reduce the breast volume to alleviate back pain or other related issues. In this scenario, a breast lift combined with reduction is discussed.


It’s crucial to emphasize that every patient is unique, and the decision to undertake additional surgeries depends on several factors, including health status, desired outcomes, and budget. It’s highly recommended to consult comprehensively with a qualified plastic surgeon in Turkey to ensure chosen combinations are safe and yield the desired aesthetic results.

After about a week, you will have limited working capacity and can easily engage in sedentary activities. However, you must wait four to five weeks before exercising and doing heavy physical work again. Surgical scars turn bright red in the first few months, then lighter and more subtle. After three to six months, the healing process will be sufficiently advanced for you to see the final result of your breast lift.