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Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics Turkey – Costs & Procedure

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics in Turkey – Perfect your smile with the top quality dentistry at GetBeauty, at affordable costs and prices.

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics Turkey – Costs €220

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics in Turkey / Antalya – Prices & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

1 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay


Prices and Costs

from €220


Hollywood smile & dental aesthetics

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics combines modern techniques and materials such as zirconium oxide to achieve the perfect smile. These tailor-made solutions offer not only a natural and radiant appearance, but also robustness and durability. Trust our expertise and technology to make your dream smile come true.

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Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics in Turkey / Antalya

Turkey, and Antalya in particular, is known for providing top quality dental care at affordable prices. At GetBeauty Turkey you benefit from modern treatment techniques and high-quality materials such as zirconium oxide. Transform your smile with our Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetic Treatment and enjoy an improved attitude towards life.

„Enhance Your Smile With Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics – Top Dentistry at Best Price at GetBeauty Turkey“

With its outstanding dental care, including implant treatments, Antalya, Turkey is the perfect place for your Hollywood smile and aesthetic dental treatments. At GetBeauty Turkey we offer you a combination of top quality, picturesque surroundings and unbeatable prices. Achieve the bright smile of your dreams in Turkey’s stunning setting.

Hollywood smile dental aesthetics

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics Abroad

Choosing treatment abroad, specifically Turkey, offers quality treatments at cheaper prices. With GetBeauty Turkey you will not only achieve an aesthetically pleasing smile, but also improve your oral health and quality of life.

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Benefits of Hollywood Smile & Aesthetic Dental Treatment in Turkey

The Hollywood Smile & Aesthetic Dentistry treatments in Turkey offer numerous advantages that make them a preferred choice for patients from all over the world. First of all, the quality of dental care is at the highest level. Turkish dentists are highly qualified and experienced in the latest techniques and procedures in aesthetic dentistry.

In addition, the price of these treatments in Turkey is often significantly lower than in many other countries. This means you get quality treatment at a fraction of the cost you would expect in your home country.

Hollywood Smile Dental Aesthetics Abroad
Hollywood Smile Turkey Antalya Cost

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics Treatment Turkey / Antalya – Cost

The cost of a Hollywood Smile & Aesthetic Dentistry in Turkey, particularly in the picturesque city of Antalya, is remarkably cheaper than many other countries. Despite the quality care you can expect, the prices are significantly lower compared to the costs in Europe or North America.

In addition to competitive costs, we offer flexible payment options, including the ability to pay for the treatment in installments with Credit4Beauty. This makes it even easier for you to gain access to world-class dental aesthetics in Turkey.

With GetBeauty Turkey you can be sure that you are not only getting the best possible dental care, but also excellent value for money. Take the first step towards your new smile and contact us today.

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Risks of Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetic Treatment

As with any dental treatment, Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics treatment comes with potential risks and side effects. These may include sensitivity, mild pain or discomfort after treatment.

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Risk reduction at GetBeauty Turkey

Our team at GetBeauty Turkey takes numerous measures to minimize the risks. This includes detailed advice and the use of high-quality materials and the most modern techniques. Our dentists and clinical team have extensive experience and are specially trained in Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics treatments.

Risks of the Hollywood Smile
Teeth Whitening for a Hollywood smile

Zoom bleaching for a Hollywood smile

Zoom bleaching is a revolutionary teeth whitening method that realizes the pursuit of a perfect Hollywood smile. This dental procedure uses state-of-the-art technology to remove stains and improve the natural whiteness of your teeth.

The procedure is quick, safe and effective. You can expect visibly brighter teeth within one session. The Zoom bleaching process uses a special bleaching gel that is applied to the teeth and a special light that enhances the gel’s effect.

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Zoom bleaching in Turkey

It’s important to note that while Zoom bleaching is effective for natural teeth, it has no effect on dental crowns, veneers, or fillings. Therefore, prior to performing Zoom bleaching, a close consultation with your dentist should be made to ensure your teeth appear uniform.

In Turkey, especially in Antalya, zoom bleaching is one of the most popular dental aesthetic treatments. The clinics here offer top quality services at affordable prices. GetBeauty Turkey is proud to offer patients high quality zoom whitening treatment at low cost from 300 EUR.

Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics – Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you will find answers to frequently asked questions about Hollywood Smile & Aesthetic Dental Treatments in Turkey. Our experts at GetBeauty Turkey are ready to answer your questions and give you a full understanding of this dental procedure.

“Hollywood Smile” is a term that encompasses a range of dental aesthetic treatments aimed at creating a perfect, movie-ready smile. These treatments may include:

Tooth whitening (bleaching)

This is one of the most common dental aesthetic treatments, designed to whiten teeth and remove stains for a brighter and more radiant smile.

Veneers (facing shells)

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are applied to the surface of teeth to improve their shape, color or position. They can be used to correct broken, discolored or misaligned teeth.

zirconium crowns

These are used to cover and strengthen severely damaged or discolored teeth while providing a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Orthodontic treatments, such as braces or invisible aligners, can help align teeth and improve smiles.


When teeth are missing, dental implants can be used to replace the missing tooth and improve the appearance of the smile.

Tooth shaping

This is a dental aesthetic treatment that removes small amounts of enamel to improve the shape or length of the teeth and create a more even smile.

Each of these treatments can be performed individually or in combination to achieve the Hollywood smile you desire. The exact treatment plan depends on the individual needs and desired end result of the patient.

Yes, GetBeauty Turkey, in cooperation with Credit4Beauty, offers the possibility to pay for your Hollywood Smile & Dental Aesthetics treatment in installments. This allows you to pay in convenient and flexible installments, so you don’t have to pay the entire sum at once. It’s a practical and affordable way to fund your dream treatment without draining your finances. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your individual payment plans.

The assumption of costs for dental aesthetic treatments abroad, such as in Turkey, by health insurance companies varies greatly and depends on your individual insurance and the specific conditions of your contract. While some health insurance plans may cover some of the cost of certain dental procedures, they typically do not cover the cost of purely aesthetic treatments. We therefore recommend that you inquire with your health insurance company in advance and find out about the exact conditions for the assumption of costs. However, it is important to emphasize that GetBeauty Turkey strives to keep the cost of treatment as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality. With options like Credit4Beauty’s installment plan, we can help make your dream treatment affordable.

Zoom bleaching is a professional tooth whitening method used in dental offices and is known for producing results quickly and effectively. The process involves applying a special gel containing hydrogen peroxide to the patient’s teeth. After that, a special zoom light is used, which is aimed at the teeth and activates the gel. This combination of gel and light allows teeth to be whitened by several shades.

Zoom bleaching is often preferred because it provides quick results – often in just one session – and because it’s performed by a professional dentist, it’s safe and controlled. It’s important to note that while the procedure is usually well tolerated, some patients may experience sensitivity during or after treatment.

This procedure can be an integral part of a Hollywood Smile & Aesthetic Dentistry treatment as it helps achieve a brilliant white smile. At GetBeauty Turkey we offer zoom whitening to give your teeth a healthy, naturally white appearance.

The cost of Zoom teeth whitening in Turkey can vary depending on the specific situation and needs of the patient. However, the prices are generally much cheaper than in many western countries. At GetBeauty Turkey we pride ourselves on offering quality dental aesthetic treatments such as zoom whitening at competitive prices.

For example, you can expect the cost of a Zoom whitening session in Turkey to average between 200 and 300 euros. This price includes the treatment itself, as well as the expert advice and aftercare you will receive from our experienced team.