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Penis Enlargement Turkey – Cost and Procedure

Penis Enlargement Turkey – CostsConsidering a boost in confidence with a penis enlargement? Whether you’re thinking of penile lengthening or girth enhancement, GetBeauty in Antalya, Turkey, offers top-tier procedures without the top-tier price tag. Dive into the world of intimate surgeries with us, where transparency meets market-friendly rates.

Penis Enlargement in Turkey – Starting from $3,990 or £3,090

Penis Enlargement Turkey / Antalya – Treatment Duration – Clinic Stay – Prices & Costs.

For a penis enlargement in Turkey, patients can expect a treatment duration of 1 to 3 hours and a short clinic stay of 1 to 2 days. The cost of penis enlargement in Turkey in Antalya starts from $3,990 or £3,090

Treatment Duration

1 – 3 Hours

Clinic Stay

1 - 2 Days

Prices & Costs

From $3,990 or £3,090

Table of Contents

Penis enlargement

The Penis enlargement, which includes both penis lengthening and penis thickening, is a medical specialty that uses specific techniques to alter the male genitalia. Penis lengthening often involves cutting the jockstrap to expose a part of the penile shaft that lies lower in the body, resulting in a visible increase in length. Penis thickening, on the other hand, can be done by injecting the patient’s own fat or using fillers to increase the girth. Both procedures require special medical expertise and should only be performed by experienced surgeons who specialise in urogenital surgery.

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Penis Enlargement in Turkey / Antalya

At GetBeauty in Antalya, we are proud to be at the forefront of intimate surgery in Turkey. We understand the desire of many men to enlarge a penis, both in terms of lengthening and thickening. With state-of-the-art techniques and a dedicated team, we offer a transparent process from initial consultation to aftercare. Our penis enlargement prices in Turkey are competitive without compromising on quality. Let’s walk your path to greater confidence and well-being together.

penis enlargement in turkey

Penis enlargement – An overview of options abroad

The decision to consider intimate surgery abroad has recently gained popularity, with a successful mix of top-notch medical care and cost-effectiveness at the forefront. Countries with renowned plastic surgery facilities, such as Turkey, not only offer top-notch treatments, but also a unique opportunity to experience cultural and tourist attractions. Nevertheless, anyone considering such a procedure should do extensive research and seek advice to ensure that the chosen clinic and surgeon meet their requirements.

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Penis Enlargement Turkey – Advantages

For several years now, Antalya has been considered the preferred destination for many men seeking intimate surgery, particularly penis enlargement, lengthening and thickening. With a combination of highly skilled plastic surgeons and cutting-edge technology, Turkey has made a name for itself in the field of intimate surgery. At GetBeauty, our patients’ needs and desires come first. We not only offer competitive prices, but also guarantee quality and safety at all stages of the procedure. This makes Turkey an attractive destination for these specialized surgical procedures.

Penis enlargement abroad
Penis Enlargement Turkey Antalya Cost

Penis Enlargement in Turkey / Antalya – at low costs.

Penis Enlargement Turkey – Costs: Our comprehensive penis enlargement package at GetBeauty in Turkey in Antalya is not only highly attractive in terms of price, but also offers an all-round carefree service. In addition to the essential surgical measures, this offer also includes all necessary medication, transfers within Antalya and, of course, care in German. Thanks to our excellent medical care and fair prices for genital surgery, GetBeauty Turkey has established itself as a leading provider in this field and is the top address for men considering a change.

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Penis Enlargement at Best Prices at GetBeauty in Antalya

Penis Enlargement Turkey – costs from only 3,990 Dollars or 3,090 Pound – unbeatable value for money. Our comprehensive all-inclusive penis enlargement packages at GetBeauty in Turkey are not only highly attractively priced, but also offer the best possible service. Our offer includes not only the surgical procedure, but also all necessary medication, transfer within Antalya and, of course, care in German. GetBeauty Turkey has established itself as a leading provider in this field due to our excellent medical care and fair prices for genital procedures, and is the top address for men considering a change.

penis enlargement risks

Penis Enlargement Risks: Individual procedures

As with any surgical procedure, there are certain risks associated with penis enlargement. These could include infection, bleeding or adverse reactions to the anesthetic. In rarer cases, complications could include scarring or uneven contours of the treatment area. At GetBeauty in Turkey, we minimize these risks by using the latest techniques and a high standard of hygiene.

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Minimising the risks of penis enlargements

Risks of complications in penis enlargement (penis thickening) are ever present. GetBeauty Turkey uses state-of-the-art surgical techniques and procedures to minimise the risk of complications. Our experienced team of doctors and thorough aftercare guarantee each patient the best possible healing process and excellent results in the aesthetic and functional improvement of the genital area.

Penis Enlargement – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

In our “FAQ” section at GetBeauty Turkey, we answer your questions about penis enlargement, such as penis lengthening or penis thickening. Here you can learn all about the process, from preparation to aftercare and the costs. Our specialists are on hand to provide you with detailed information about this cosmetic procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Penis Enlargement – An Introduction:

The Penis enlargement, also known as phalloplasty, is a bundle of surgical procedures aimed at changing the size and shape of the male member.

Penis Lengthening

Penis lengthening specifically focuses on increasing the length of the penis. This is usually achieved by cutting the ligament that connects the penis to the pubic bone, moving part of the penis that is normally inside the body to the outside. In some cases, skin from other areas of the body may be transplanted to achieve the desired length.

Penis Thickening

Penile thickening, on the other hand, aims to increase the girth of the penis. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, including the injection of autologous fat or the use of dermal fillers. In some cases, a skin graft from other parts of the body can also be used to make the penis thicker.


In conclusion, it is important to emphasise that although these procedures can change the physical appearance of the penis, they do not directly affect sexual performance or sensation. It is also advisable to be fully informed about possible risks and side effects, and to consult only qualified specialists.

Penis Enlargement – The surgical process

Penis enlargement is a surgical procedure that aims to increase the visible length of the male member. There are various methods, but the most commonly used technique is called ligamentous penile lengthening.

Cutting the suspensory ligament

This method involves cutting the suspensory ligament (ligamentum suspensorium penis), which anchors the penis to the pubic bone. This allows a part of the penis that is inside the body to be moved outside. The result is a visual lengthening of the penis.

Stabilisation after the operation

After the tether has been cut, the penis may initially appear unstable. Sometimes a small V-shaped incision is made in the pubic area to tighten the skin and thus stabilise the penis in its new position.

Postoperative measures

After surgery, wearing a weight or special device may be needed to hold the penis in a downward position and maintain the newfound length. This helps to prevent the penis from reattaching to its original position.

Results and aftercare

The length gained varies depending on the patient, although between 1 and 3 centimeters can usually be expected. It is important to note that cutting the tether changes the external appearance of the penis, but does not affect its function. Thorough post-operative follow-up and possibly physiotherapy exercises can help to achieve the best results and avoid complications.

As with all surgical procedures, there are risks and potential complications with penis lengthening. Careful consultation with an experienced urologist or plastic surgeon is therefore essential to making an informed decision.

Penis Thickening – Different Methods at a Glance:

Penis thickening is an aesthetic surgical procedure that aims to increase the girth of the penis. There are several techniques to achieve this effect, and each has its own benefits and risks.

Autologous fat grafting

Removal of the fat tissue: In this procedure, fat tissue is first removed, usually from the abdomen or thighs, by liposuction (liposuction).
Preparation of the fatty tissue: The fat that is removed is then cleaned and prepared to remove unneeded tissue and fluids.
Injection into the penis: The prepared fat tissue is then injected into the shaft of the penis to increase its girth.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Treatment process: A less invasive approach to penile thickening is the injection of hyaluronic acid fillers. These are injected into the shaft of the penis and result in a temporary increase in girth.
Duration of effect: Hyaluronic acid is biodegradable, so the effect wears off after a few months and the treatment needs to be repeated to maintain the result.

Penile implants

Insertion of the implant: This method involves surgically inserting a flexible implant into the penile shaft to increase its thickness.

Results and risks: Although this offers a more permanent solution compared to injections, it carries a higher risk of complications and requires a more invasive surgical procedure.

Postoperative measures 

Regardless of the method chosen, it is important to follow the doctor’s instructions for post-operative care closely to avoid complications and achieve optimal results. This may include avoiding sexual activity for a period of time and the use of supportive garments.

As with all surgical procedures, it is crucial to be thoroughly informed about the different techniques and their potential risks. A detailed consultation with an experienced urologist or plastic surgeon is essential to make an informed decision.

Why Turkey Stands Out for Penis Enlargement – Factors to Consider:

As medical tourism has surged, Turkey has made its mark as a leading destination for medical and aesthetic surgical procedures. Here’s a rundown of why many men consider Turkey as their top choice for penis enhancement.

State-of-the-art Facilities and Skilled Physicians 

Turkish clinics and hospitals boast cutting-edge technology, with physicians often holding international training and certifications. They’re proficient in the latest techniques and methodologies in penis enhancement, enlargement, and girth augmentation.


Medical services in Turkey frequently come at a fraction of the prices seen in Western countries, all while maintaining top-notch quality standards. This not only makes the procedure more accessible but also ensures great value for money.

Holistic Care and Services 

Many clinics in Turkey offer comprehensive packages that cover not just the surgical procedure, but also accommodation, transportation, and aftercare. This streamlines the entire journey for international patients.

Touristic Wonders 

Beyond medical care, Turkey is home to an array of touristic gems. From historical landmarks to captivating landscapes, patients can fuse their medical trip with leisure or sightseeing.

Confidentiality and Discretion 

Acknowledging the delicate nature of aesthetic surgeries, including penis enhancement, clinics in Turkey guarantee high levels of privacy and discretion.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity 

The medical staff often speak multiple languages, and clinics are adept at catering to patients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

In summary, Turkey presents a blend of top-tier medical care, budget-friendly rates, and an assortment of additional perks, making it an appealing choice for men contemplating penis enhancement. However, it remains crucial to conduct thorough research and consult a reputable clinic before making a decision.

Cost overview for penis enlargement at GetBeauty in Turkey:

If you are thinking about penis enlargement, penis lengthening or penis thickening, it is understandable that you would want to have a clear picture of the costs involved. At GetBeauty in Antalya, we offer high-quality treatments at competitive prices.

Transparent prices for first class procedures

The cost of penis enlargement in Turkey starts from 3,090 Pound or 3,990 Dollar. This price is not only competitive compared to other destinations, but also reflects the high standard of medical care you can expect with us.

All-inclusive packages for comprehensive treatments

Our pricing at GetBeauty is transparent and includes all aspects of treatment – from initial consultations to final aftercare. This means there are no hidden costs to you.


Turkey, particularly Antalya, is renowned for its high-quality medical care in the realm of cosmetic surgery at reasonable prices. At GetBeauty, we recognize that such a procedure represents an investment in your self-confidence and well-being. Our commitment is to offer you the best value for money and the highest quality. Should you have any further questions about the costs or the procedure itself, we’re always here to assist.