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Facelift in Turkey – Costs Price & Procedure

Facelift in Turkey – Costs Price & Procedure: Turkey, with its advanced technologies and premier surgeons, has emerged as a go-to destination for facelifts. Its competitive pricing attracts a myriad of international patients. Learn more about the facelift procedure and its costs in Turkey through GetBeauty.

Facelift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs From  £2,990 or $3,790.

Facelift Türkiye – Treatment Duration – Hospital Stay – Prices & Costs

In Turkey, a facelift procedure typically lasts several hours, depending on the complexity. The duration of the hospital stay varies, with patients often staying for 1–2 days for monitoring. The country is renowned for delivering high-quality treatments at affordable rates, often significantly lower than those in Western Europe.

Duration of Treatment

2 - 6 Hour

Hospital Stay

1 - 2 Nights


from 3,490

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Facelift / Facelifting – Surgery

A facelift, also termed as rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenating the appearance of the face and neck. Its primary objective is to mitigate signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging, and excess skin. Various techniques are employed: The full facelift targets the entire face, whereas the mini-facelift focuses on specific regions. The SMAS facelift tightens the deeper skin layers and muscles. In an endoscopic facelift, tiny cameras are utilized, allowing for smaller incisions and more accurate outcomes. Prior to surgery, a consultation is held to discuss the most suitable approach and desired outcomes. The procedure concludes with post-operative care to monitor the healing process.

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Facelift in Turkey / Antalya

Antalya, renowned for its picturesque beaches, has also emerged as a sought-after hub for aesthetic medicine. The city attracts with not only experienced surgeons and state-of-the-art clinics but also competitive prices. GetBeauty, as one of the leading referral platforms, enables patients to easily discover and book these premier facelift offers in Antalya. With GetBeauty, individuals can not only learn about the best clinics but also benefit from secure and well-organized travel planning. Opting for a facelift in Antalya through GetBeauty combines medical excellence with the advantage of hassle-free organization and relaxation in a stunning locale. However, it remains essential to be well-informed beforehand to achieve the best outcome.

Facelift Turkey

Facelift Abroad

Opting for a facelift overseas often melds top-notch medical services with cost efficiency. Numerous international destinations, especially Turkey, showcase advanced clinics and skilled surgeons who deliver stellar results. Recovering amidst a different culture or landscape can further enhance the healing journey. Nonetheless, meticulous research and clinic selection remain paramount to ensure adherence to high standards. Facelift Turkey / Antalya – Prices starting at £2,990 or $3,790.

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Facelift Turkey – Benefits

Facelift Turkey – Advantages with GetBeauty: Turkey has marked itself as a premier destination for facelifts, thanks to its highly skilled surgeons and cutting-edge technologies. It attracts not only with medical prowess but also with compelling cost-to-value propositions. GetBeauty amplifies these advantages by acting as a referral platform, seamlessly connecting patients with Turkey’s top clinics. With GetBeauty, the facelift journey in Turkey transforms into a seamless and premium experience.

How does a facelift Turkey Antalya work?
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Facelift in Turkey / Antalya – At Low Costs

Antalya, a gem on the Turkish Riviera, is not only a tourist hotspot but also a hub for aesthetic surgery. Thanks to its advanced medical infrastructure and proficient specialists, Turkey offers top-tier facelift surgeries. A significant draw for many patients is the substantially lower costs compared to western nations. At GetBeauty, one finds transparent pricing for such procedures, further enhancing medical tourism appeal to Turkey. Those seeking a quality facelift at affordable rates will find unparalleled value-for-money in Antalya, with GetBeauty providing top-notch care.

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Best-Priced Facelifts at GetBeauty in Antalya

Facelift Turkey / Antalya – Prices from £2,990 or $3,790: In Antalya, one of Turkey’s picturesque gems, GetBeauty not only delivers high-quality facelifts but also offers unbeatable prices. With transparent all-inclusive package rates, patients know precisely what to expect upfront, with no hidden charges. These packages often cover all facets of the procedure and post-op care. For those desiring payment flexibility, GetBeauty also offers convenient installment options. This blend of medical excellence with such pricing structures positions GetBeauty in Antalya as a prime choice for many seeking quality at affordable rates.

Facelift – Risks

Like all surgeries, facelifts come with inherent risks:

Infection: Despite sterile techniques, infections can occur. Scarring: Even with strategically made incisions, scars can form. Bruising and swelling: These are common post-operative occurrences. Loss of sensation: Some patients may experience temporary numbness in the treated areas. Skin irregularities: Rarely, but bumps or indentations can appear.

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Facelift – Risk Mitigation at GetBeauty

GetBeauty has implemented several measures to minimize risks associated with facelifts:

  • Expert Selection: GetBeauty partners exclusively with reputed and experienced surgeons, proven through numerous successful procedures.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Clinics recommended by GetBeauty are equipped with the latest technology and adhere to international safety standards.
  • Preliminary Examinations: Comprehensive assessments are conducted before any procedure to identify and mitigate individual risks.
  • Aftercare: Structured post-operative care is crucial for the healing process and is ensured by GetBeauty.

Through these steps, GetBeauty guarantees that patients benefit not only from affordable but also from safe and high-quality facelift procedures.

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Facelift Turkey / Antalya – Frequently Asked Questions

In Turkey, a facelift procedure typically lasts several hours, depending on the complexity. The duration of the hospital stay varies, with patients often staying for 1-2 days for monitoring. The country is renowned for delivering high-quality treatments at affordable rates, often significantly lower than those in Western Europe.

Facelift Turkey / Antalya : Facelift, also known as face lift, is an effective method to smooth the entire face and neck. During the procedure, the parts of the skin are lifted and returned to their original position. This gives the face new elasticity and a youthful freshness. Sagging cheekbones, collapsed areas of the face and pronounced wrinkles in the neck can be nicely corrected with a facelift. This cosmetic procedure combats the various signs of skin aging.

You will be put under general anesthesia or twilight sleep for the surgical tightening and restoration of the facial area. You will usually stay in the clinic one day after the operation. During the operation, the skin of the face is carefully tightened, excess fat is removed or, if necessary, missing fat tissue is accumulated. This gives your face new contours and a naturally rejuvenated look. Age-related wrinkles or lines are successfully smoothed out.

Ideally, this operation can also be combined very well with other procedures. Nose and chin corrections can be carried out perfectly in parallel. On the one hand, the plastic surgeon ensures that the facial skin is smoothed and, on the other hand, that your facial profile is harmonized.

Facelift Turkey / Antalya: Before the facelift, the Turkish cosmetic surgeon will discuss your personal ideas and propose aesthetic-plastic measures for their implementation. Your experts assess the different areas of the face: forehead and eye area, middle third of the face, mouth area and neck area. The procedures are designed in such a way that the proportions of the face are again in harmony with each other.

In addition, you will be thoroughly examined and your medical history documented. In addition, your cosmetic surgeon will hold an informative discussion with you about the individual aspects of the treatment. These include the possible risks and complications of the surgery, alternative surgical techniques and the cost of facelift in Turkey. We will inform you separately on our website.

Our plastic surgeons in Turkey develop individual and tailor-made facial rejuvenation concepts for you. They give your face a natural and long-lasting youthful dynamic.

Beauty concepts individually tailored to your needs and a discreet approach ensure that the “fine” changes to your face are experienced positively by your partner, but do not look like an operation, because the plastic surgeon knows his craft. After the facelift you can go back in time a little: you will look a few years younger if your face is perfectly lit. Have fun with it!

Especially in the face area, Turkish plastic surgeons work with particular sensitivity and in-depth knowledge, because on the one hand the incision is as “invisible” as possible and on the other hand your face should not look like a mask after the facelift.

Facelift is a long-term measure to smooth wrinkles and strengthen the face. The individual sustainability of the surgical results depends on both the lifestyle and the genetic status of the patients. It is reasonable to assume that the results of a facelift will remain visible for eight to fifteen years. However, the skin is still subject to a natural aging process that cannot be stopped by a facelift.

In a conventional facelift, the incision usually begins at the hairline of the temple. It runs around the ear and ends at the hairy back of the head. Of course, each cut can and must be individually adjusted. Your surgeon will inform you about the exact position of the necessary incisions at a first appointment. Any scars left after a facelift usually heal very well and are almost invisible after just two to six months. In the meantime, they can be easily hidden or concealed with makeup using handy styling techniques.

Every facelift is performed under general anesthesia in a renowned clinic. No postoperative pain is to be expected. However, most patients experience an uncomfortable feeling of tightness in the face, which can be treated with analgesics if necessary. In addition, bruising, swelling or slight numbness may occur after the operation. However, they are expected to decrease significantly within 10 to 14 days.

Physical relief for two to three weeks is recommended. Short walks in the fresh air are allowed as they promote the healing process. Sports activities that increase blood pressure should not be resumed for at least four weeks after the facelift.

Our facelift in Turkey, performed exclusively by experienced doctors, leaves no visible scars or masks (after the wound has healed). Your colleagues and friends will notice that you look younger and fresher.

Ideal candidates for a facelift are people whose skin already shows visible signs of sagging. For this reason, facelifts are more effective from the age of 40. Facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for both men and women as it promises both permanent skin tightening and significant facial rejuvenation.

There are various facelift techniques, each addressing different areas of the face and neck based on the patient’s needs and desires. Here are some of the most common facelift procedures:

Traditional Facelift

This is the most comprehensive method that tightens skin and underlying structures in the lower face and neck. The incision typically starts at the temples, follows the hairline, goes around the ear, and ends in the lower hair or neck area.


This less invasive procedure focuses on tightening skin in the lower facial region. The incisions are shorter, and it’s particularly suitable for younger patients with less pronounced signs of aging.

Forehead Lift (Brow Lift)

This focuses on the forehead and eyebrows, correcting a droopy eyebrow appearance and reducing forehead wrinkles.


It centers on tightening and elevating the area beneath the eyes and the upper cheeks.

Neck Lift

This procedure focuses on tightening the skin and muscles in the neck region and can be performed alone or in combination with other facelift techniques.

Liquid Facelift

Fillers and botulinum toxin are used to smoothen wrinkles and restore volume without surgical procedures. It’s more of a temporary solution compared to surgical methods.

SMAS Lift (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System)

This method targets tightening the SMAS layer beneath the skin, which contains both muscles and connective tissue.

Deep Plane Lift

An advanced version of the SMAS lift, tightening deeper structures of the face to achieve more natural and long-lasting results.

The choice of facelift technique depends on various factors, including desired outcome, age, skin type, and the specific anatomy of the patient. A plastic surgeon can provide comprehensive consultation to determine the most suitable technique for an individual.

The expenses for medical procedures, including facelifts, are often more affordable in Turkey compared to many Western countries. Several reasons account for these cost differences:

Economic Factors

The general cost of living in Turkey is lower than in many Western nations. This extends to wages, rent, and maintenance expenses. This general cost-saving is also reflected in medical services.

Government Support

The Turkish government has identified medical tourism as a vital economic sector recently. Through various measures and incentives, medical facilities are encouraged to attract international patients at an affordable rate.


Turkey has witnessed a surge in medical tourism over the past years, especially in hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery, and dentistry. The growing number of clinics leads to a competitive market, further driving down prices.

Education and Training

While costs are lower, many Turkish surgeons and medical staff are highly trained, having often undergone training in Europe or the USA. Lower prices don’t necessarily indicate inferior care quality.

More Affordable Medications and Materials

Due to differences in regulation, taxation, and procurement, medications and medical supplies might be cheaper in Turkey.

All-Inclusive Packages

Numerous clinics offer all-inclusive packages that encompass accommodation, transfers, and other services. This can further reduce the overall expenditure for the patient.

However, it’s crucial to note that while the costs for a facelift in Turkey might be more affordable, patients should conduct thorough research to ensure they’re receiving top-notch care. Opting for clinics and surgeons that possess internationally recognized certifications and positive reviews from previous patients is advisable.