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Weight loss surgery Turkey

Weight loss surgery Turkey: At GetBeauty Turkey, we offer high-quality and affordable solutions for weight loss in obese patients through gastric reduction. Our experienced team of bariatric surgeons uses state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to meet your weight loss goals. 

The stomach (bariatric) surgery in Turkey is an effective surgical intervention for obesity for weight reduction, characterized by long-term results.

Bariatric Surgery Turkey – Service

The cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey can significantly vary depending on the location, specific surgical method, and the bariatric specialist involved. At GetBeauty, we make obesity surgery more accessible and affordable through our all-inclusive packages and various financing or installment payment options. 

GetBeauty connects patients worldwide with top-notch medical facilities and experienced bariatric surgeons in Turkey/Antalya, paving the way for a combat against obesity and a start to a healthier life.


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Obesity Surgery Antalya – Turkey

For Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey at Get Beauty stands by your side. Based in the heart of Antalya, a charming coastal city, we offer advanced bariatric procedures in adherence to international standards. 

GetBeauty Turkey takes pride in its team of obesity surgery specialists who are dedicated to providing top-notch weight loss solutions.

Gastric Surgery at Get Beauty Türkiye

Our combination of medical expertise and Turkish hospitality allows us to create individualized bariatric surgery plans, ensuring you feel comfortable throughout your entire treatment time with us. Trust in our professionalism and expertise for your gastric surgery in Turkey. Our commitment is to help you successfully fight obesity and improve your health sustainably.

Types of Bariatric Surgery at Get Beauty Türkiye

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Weight loss gastric sleeve surgery Türkiye

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

At GetBeauty Turkey, the Gastric Sleeve Surgery is an effective weight loss method that combats obesity, aiding you in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Turkey

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Gastric Bypass

The Gastric Bypass is a well-established weight reduction procedure performed by experienced specialists at GetBeauty Turkey, enabling you to live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Gastric Balloon Surgery Turkey

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Gastric Balloon

The Gastric Balloon at GetBeauty Turkey is a minimally invasive weight reduction procedure that helps you safely and effectively reach your weight loss goals.

Gastric Surgery Turkey – Safety & Quality

Safety and quality is a crucial factor for weight loss surgery, which is why choosing a suitable provider should be essential. GetBeauty Turkey, a reputable provider of bariatric surgery for weight loss in Turkey, is renowned for its medical expertise and customer-centric approach. 

Whether it’s gastric bypass, gastric band, gastric sleeve surgeries, or other obesity (adiposity) treatment procedures, our bariatric surgeons employ advanced methods and techniques to achieve optimal results. Let GetBeauty Turkey guide you on your journey to a healthier, slimmer self.

“Obesity is not a life sentence. Let’s change your life together at GetBeauty Turkey.”

Bariatric Treatments at Get Beauty in Türkiye

“Get Beauty – Your Ally in the Fight Against Obesity.”

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Scarless Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Scarless Gastric Sleeve (SILS)

GetBeauty Turkey's scarless gastric sleeve surgery (SILS) combines cutting-edge techniques and medical expertise to offer you an aesthetically pleasing solution for weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Gastric Band

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Gastric Band

The gastric band at GetBeauty Turkey in Antalya is a reversible weight loss procedure. Unfortunately, due to the high complication rate, this type of weight loss operation is no longer performed.

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Bariatric Revision

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey: Bariatric Revision

Bariatric revision at GetBeauty Turkey offers you a second chance at effective and sustainable weight loss, accompanied by experienced specialists in obesity surgery.

“Discover the difference that professional, compassionate, and individually tailored medical care can make in your weight loss journey at GetBeauty Turkey.”


Obesity Gastric Reduction in Children and Adolescents Bariatric Surgery

Obesity Surgery in children and adolescents (teens)

Obesity Surgery (Gastric reduction) in children and adolescents (teens) is a surgical procedure considered in extreme cases of obesity. This procedure, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass, aims to reduce the stomach’s size to control eating behavior. It’s a serious decision requiring specific criteria, such as a high Body Mass Index (BMI) and the presence of weight-related health problems like Type-2 Diabetes.

Obesity Surgery in children and teens (adolescents) requires careful planning, a specialized medical team, and thorough aftercare to support the young individual on a healthy path. We at GetBeauty work closely with expert bariatric surgeons specialized in bariatric surgery for children and teens.

We are focuses on and are committed to individual care, innovative procedures, and the latest technology to achieve a healthier and happier life through obesity surgery (stomach reduction) in children and adolescents.

Obesity Surgery Türkiye – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here at Get Beauty Turkey, we understand that deciding to undergo weight loss surgery can raise many questions. In this section, we answer the frequently asked questions about different types of bariatric surgery, costs, recovery time, and much more. Our goal is to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. Your health and satisfaction are important to us, and we invite you to learn more about gastric surgery in our FAQ section.

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to help people lose weight by reducing the size of the stomach. This can be achieved through various methods such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric balloon, and others. The aim is to induce a feeling of fullness earlier in the meal, reducing food intake, and supporting weight loss.

Which type of obesity surgery is suitable for me?

The type of weight loss surgery that’s best for you depends on several factors, including your overall health, your BMI, your weight loss goals, and other personal factors. At GetBeauty Turkey, our medical team will conduct a thorough assessment and recommend the best option for you.

What is the recovery time after surgery?

The recovery time after weight loss surgery varies depending on the type of procedure and the individual patient. However, you can generally expect to need to recover for about 2-4 weeks post-operation.

What are the costs for bariatric surgery in Turkey?

The cost of weight loss surgery in Turkey is significantly lower than in many other countries. At GetBeauty Turkey, we offer transparent pricing and “all-inclusive packages” for weight loss surgery, which includes the operation, accommodation, transfers, and aftercare.

Is obesity operation safe?

Yes, weight loss surgery is a safe procedure when performed by a qualified medical team. At GetBeauty Turkey, we follow strict safety protocols and utilize the latest techniques to minimize the risk of complications.

The exact process of weight loss surgery depends on the specific procedure being done. Generally, the process involves thorough preparation, including medical evaluations and discussions with your surgeon, the surgery itself, and then the aftercare and recovery phase. At GetBeauty Turkey, we guide you through each step of the process.

What risks are associated with weight loss surgery?

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with weight loss surgery, including infections, bleeding, and reactions to anesthesia. Our experienced medical team at GetBeauty Turkey works hard to minimize these risks and ensure the procedure is performed as safely as possible.

How much weight can I lose through weight loss surgery?

The amount of weight you can lose through weight loss surgery varies based on individual factors such as your starting weight, your diet, and your level of physical activity. However, many patients experience significant weight loss within the first two years following the procedure.

How will weight loss surgery impact my life?

Weight loss surgery can have a significant impact on your life by helping you lose weight and reduce health complications associated with being overweight. It can also help boost your confidence and improve your quality of life.

Will I be put on a special diet after the surgery?

Yes, following weight loss surgery you will likely be put on a special diet to help your stomach adjust to its new size and to support optimal weight loss. Our team at GetBeauty Turkey will assist you in creating a diet plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Diet plan after gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy surgery:

Eat only when you start to feel hungry. Take at least 20 minutes for each meal and chew all food thoroughly. It’s advisable not to consume any fluids half an hour before and after meals. Drink at least 1.5 liters of non-carbonated and calorie-free drinks daily.

When choosing foods, opt for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, lean fish, and low-fat dairy products. Daily intake of multivitamins and mineral supplements, according to medical guidelines, is also recommended. Don’t forget to incorporate regular exercise and sports into your daily routine; ideally, you should be physically active three times a week.

The timing of when you can start building your diet depends on your individual health status and your laboratory values. In general, the construction of your diet might look like this:

Diet plan after obesity surgery

On the day of the surgery and the following day:
Consume small sips of still water or tea.

From day 2 to day 13:
Take in soups without coarse pieces, low-fat dairy products, still water, and tea.

From day 14 to day 28:
Introduce pureed foods (mashed potatoes, white bread, fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean spreads, low-fat steamed meat, low-fat steamed fish, scrambled eggs), continue to drink still water, coffee, and tea.

From day 29 to day 42:
Start consuming soft foods (potatoes, rice, pasta, wholemeal bread, fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean spreads, low-fat steamed meat, low-fat steamed fish, scrambled eggs), still water, coffee, and tea.

From day 43 onwards
Add solid foods to your diet, accompanied by still water, coffee, and tea.

The correct construction of the diet after surgery is of utmost importance, so it’s essential to stick to it. If you have any questions or uncertainties, we are here to help.



Obesity in Children or Teens: A Growing Health Problem

Obesity, also known as morbid obesity, is an escalating health issue among children worldwide. Gastric reduction in children can be considered a solution in extreme cases.

Bariatric Surgery: An Overview

Bariatric surgery, including sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass, is a specialized procedure focusing on reducing the size of the stomach to control eating behavior.

Turkey as a Leading Country in Obesity Surgery

Turkey has established itself as one of the leading countries in this field. Clinics like GetBeauty specialize in these operations.

Criteria for Gastric Reduction in Children

Children and adolescents (Teens) must meet certain criteria before being considered candidates for bariatric surgery. These include a BMI (Body Mass Index) above a specific threshold, the presence of weight-related health problems, and unsuccessful participation in weight-reducing programs.

The Importance of Aftercare

Collaboration with a specialized team of doctors, nutritionists, and psychologists is crucial. Sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass are serious surgical interventions and require thorough aftercare.

Bariatric Packages in Turkey

In Turkey, clinics like GetBeauty offer comprehensive packages that include pre-examination, surgery, aftercare, and support. With the right planning and care, gastric reduction in children can be a life-changing step leading to a healthier and happier life.

Gastric Surgery in Turkey / Antalya – The Types

Learn more about the various types of gastric surgery available in Turkey / Antalya. At GetBeauty, we connect you with top specialists in bariatric surgery to offer effective solutions for obesity that are tailored to your individual needs. Discover the possibilities that a customised weight loss treatment can offer.

Opting for a weight loss surgery in Turkey comes with a range of benefits. At GetBeauty Turkey, we offer our patients high-quality care and state-of-the-art medical facilities at affordable prices. Here are some reasons why Turkey is an excellent choice for your weight loss surgery:

Affordable Costs

The costs of a weight loss surgery in Turkey are significantly lower than in many Western countries like Germany, Austria or Switzerland, without sacrificing on quality.

Qualified Bariatric Surgery Doctors

Our bariatric surgery specialists and medical team are highly qualified and have years of experience with various types of weight loss surgeries. Cutting-edge facilities: Our clinics are equipped with the latest medical equipment and follow international safety and hygiene standards.

Individual Care

At GetBeauty Turkey, the patient always comes first. We offer customized solutions that are tailored to the individual needs and goals of our patients.

All-Inclusive Packages

Our all-inclusive packages/prices not only include the surgical procedure but also accommodation, transfer, and aftercare, so you can fully focus on your recovery. Overall, Turkey is an excellent choice for patients looking for a safe, effective, and cost-effective option for weight loss surgery. At GetBeauty Turkey, we are proud to help our patients achieve their health goals.

At GetBeauty Turkey, we are proud to offer sleeve gastrectomy as one of the most effective approaches to weight loss. This particular type of weight loss surgery removes a large part of your stomach and leaves a tube- or banana-shaped area. Not only does sleeve gastrectomy assist with weight loss, but it also improves health conditions associated with being overweight. Trust our dedicated team at GetBeauty Turkey to help you change your health and your life for the better.

GetBeauty Turkey introduces gastric bypass, a highly effective weight loss procedure characterized by its dual action. In this type of weight loss surgery, the stomach is reduced, and the digestive tract is rerouted to both decrease the amount of food you can intake and reduce calorie absorption. This proven procedure has helped many people significantly reduce their weight and lessen associated health risks. At GetBeauty Turkey, we focus on personalized care to support you on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey – Gastric Balloon

GetBeauty Turkey offers the gastric balloon as a minimally invasive and reversible alternative for weight loss. In this procedure, a soft, silicone-based balloon is inserted into your stomach and filled with saline solution, enhancing the feeling of satiety and limiting food intake. The gastric balloon is a safe and effective method of weight loss that requires no surgical incisions and can be removed as needed. Choose GetBeauty Turkey to meet your weight loss goals with a tailored plan.

GetBeauty Turkey is proud to offer the revolutionary SILS sleeve gastrectomy, a minimally invasive procedure that is virtually scarless. In the SILS technique (Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery), the entire procedure is performed through a single, small incision in the navel, resulting in a more aesthetic result. This advanced method offers all the benefits of traditional sleeve gastrectomy but with less postoperative pain and a shorter recovery time. Choose GetBeauty Turkey for your weight loss journey and experience a less invasive, more effective path to a healthier you.

GetBeauty Turkey understands that sometimes a first weight loss surgery does not bring the expected success. In such cases, we offer weight loss surgery as a bariatric revision – a specialized surgical procedure aimed at improving the results of a previous weight loss surgery. Whether it’s for correcting complications, treating weight gain post-surgery, or enhancing weight loss, our experienced team at GetBeauty Turkey is ready to assist you with a customized solution. With us, your health and well-being are always in focus.

Stomach Surgery in Turkey – Gastric Band

GetBeauty Turkey is always committed to ensuring the safest and most effective treatments for our patients. The gastric band was once a popular option for weight loss, however, it has shown to have a higher complication rate than other procedures. These include problems such as band displacements, infections, or even insufficient weight loss. For this reason, we at GetBeauty Turkey no longer perform gastric band surgeries. Instead, we focus on proven and safe methods such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and gastric balloon to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and effective manner.

Weight loss surgery is a surgical method to treat severe obesity. There are different types of procedures that are performed in this regard. At GetBeauty Turkey, we offer a range of these procedures:

Bariatric Surgery in Turkey – Methods

  1. Gastric Sleeve: In this procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed, leaving a narrow, tube-like stomach. This method can cause significant weight loss and is less complicated than other procedures.
  2. Scarless Sleeve Gastrectomy (SILS): In the SILS sleeve gastrectomy, the procedure is performed through a single, small incision in the navel, resulting in an aesthetic outcome.
  3. Gastric Bypass: In gastric bypass, a small portion of the stomach is detached and connected directly to the small intestine. This limits both food intake and calorie absorption and can lead to significant weight loss.
  4. Gastric Balloon: The gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure in which a balloon is placed in the stomach to enhance the feeling of satiety and limit food intake.
  5. Bariatric Revision: This method is applied when a previous weight loss surgery did not bring the expected results or complications occurred.

It is important to note that the gastric band, while once a common method for weight loss, is no longer performed at GetBeauty Turkey due to the high complication rate