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Thread Lift in Turkey

Thread Lift in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

20 - 30 Minutes

Hospital Stay




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What is a thread lift?

PDO threads are used in a thread lift. These consist of polydioxanone and are dissolvable sutures that have been used in regular surgery for many years. PDO threads come in a variety of shapes and sizes (straight, twisted, or spiked). The smaller version is great for treating fine lines and crow’s feet under the eyes, while the larger version allows you to get a more precise face lift.

PDO (polydioxanone) sutures are dissolvable sutures that have been used in regular surgery for many years). PDO wires come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The smaller version is great for treating fine lines and crow’s feet under the eyes, while the larger version allows you to get a more precise face lift. There are different types of wires; first of all, tornadoes/bolts and barbed wire.

With wires that also have small hooks, surgeons have the ability to really physically pull. And that creates opportunities, for example for eyebrow lifting, but also for the treatment of cheek lifting. The combination with threads is ideal, especially if the cheeks regain volume with filling products. Sagging of the skin is corrected with threads, and loss of volume with fillers. In this way, the operation (facelift) is postponed for several years or remains superfluous.

Thread lift Turkey Antalya cost

How does a thread lift work in Turkey?

There are many ways to reduce wrinkles, from creams to essential surgical injections and procedures, the gamut is represented. But it’s not always easy to find a treatment that combines deep efficacy, long-lasting results, and a short healing time. Thread lift in Turkey is a particularly interesting way to look a little younger. A thread lift can usually combine the patient’s expectations very well, because a short treatment period and a healing phase with lasting results characterize this type of wrinkle treatment. Depending on the type of process, different materials are used. However, the threads dissolve after some time. By then the body has formed collagen around the threads and that is what makes the tightening effect so special. After about 18 months, the sutures are taken up by the body again. Regardless of the variant chosen, a new treatment and a combination with fillers or laser therapy is generally possible without any problems.

Before the stitches are inserted, a local anesthetic is injected into the area to be treated to make the procedure more comfortable. Small drawings help the attending physician, who then follows the subcutaneous fatty tissue with a guide needle. The suture is inserted and by gently pulling the suture, the hooks or cones are wedged into the tissue and gently pushed up. Once the desired sharpness is achieved, the threads are cut and left under the skin. Although two of the featured sutures resolve again, new collagen fibers form increasingly tightly around the cones and splinters in the weeks and months following treatment. This connective tissue corset supports the skin even after the sutures have been removed from the body.

Thread lift Turkey Antalya cost

What are the advantages of a thread lift?

The great advantage of the thread lift is that Turkish surgeons have many years of experience with dissolvable sutures and it does not require a face lift with an operation. These threads or sutures break down in the body over time. The threads have been used in surgery for various surgical procedures for several decades. The formation of collagen during thread lifting is a desired additional effect, your skin becomes firmer and this leads to a lifting effect on the spot.

The results are immediately visible and long-lasting and suitable for almost everyone, especially since it is a very low-complication process. Additional treatments such as laser or mesotherapy are usually possible after the lift.

What are the risks associated with a thread lift?

The thread lift is particularly suitable for young patients. In young people, collagen production is usually much better and the threads are even more effective. The skin blooms and acquires a beautiful radiance, similar to the effect of fillers such as Radiesse, but without the volume effect.

The risk of bruising is slightly higher with this treatment than with injections. Of course, bruises are temporary and can be camouflaged after treatment.

Thread Lift – Frequently Asked Questions

As with all our treatments, we think with you about the most beautiful, but also the most financially advantageous treatment, which nevertheless has an effect. This treatment is also determined individually. One person is satisfied with a visible improvement and the other customer only wants the best. With thread lifting, Get Beauty Turkey surgeons achieve a greater effect the more threads are placed. The doctor will specifically inform you of the number of threads required. A thread lift is possible from 300 EUR.

Yes, a thread alone is not enough for a thread lift; several threads are used. For example, at least four threads are recommended for the cheek area.

Yes, the threads dissolve after a while. By then, collagen has formed around the thread, which causes the tightening effect.

Many patients want their eyebrows to be raised, which would otherwise only be possible with a lift. However, thread lifting with threads that have small hooks also allows eyebrows to be lifted without surgery in Turkey.

Bruises may appear after the thread lift, but these will quickly disappear and you can cover them with make-up.

The tightening effect is immediately visible, especially with hooked threads, and this is why others perceive you as younger and fresher. How you have achieved this, but others do not see you.

Get Beauty Turkey offers you the opportunity to combine thread lifting with other non-surgical methods, such as wrinkle filling.