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Lip Injections in Turkey

Lip Injections in Turkey / Antalya – Costs & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

15 - 60 Minutes

Hospital Stay




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What is lip injections?

Full lips, beautifully curved, with an accentuated Cupid’s bow, give the face a harmonious expression. Well-formed lips show that they radiate joie de vivre, freshness and sensuality. However, the lips can of course be narrower, which sometimes gives the face a moody look. Over the years, the shape of the lips also changes with increasing age, for example when the upper lip droops and becomes narrower as a result, or when small wrinkles appear at the edge of the lip contour. Lip corrections bring the face back into a vital state without the face changing significantly.

The alternative to surgical correction is the injection of a filler into the lips. Different materials are used. The most common are fillers based on hyaluronic acid and autologous tissue. In order to aesthetically correct the lips without surgery, lip injections are the best treatment.

Filling materials containing hyaluronic acid have proven to be very effective when injecting the lips. Hyaluronic acid ensures that the lips regain their contours and become full and sensual. The filling material is injected under the skin along the contours of the lips. The effects of the treatment last up to 6 months before the body breaks down the filling material. After this time, the treatment should be repeated. When it comes to lip injections, it is important that it is performed exclusively by qualified professionals and that only flawless and correct material is used to fill the lips.

Lip Injection Turkey Antalya Cost

How does a lip injection work?

To aesthetically correct lips without surgery, lip injection is the best treatment. Various materials can be used for the injection, including plastics that contain body-specific substances such as fatty tissue and hyaluronic acid.

The lips can also be injected with autologous fatty tissue and connective tissue. Autologous adipose tissue is usually preferred. For this purpose, the fatty tissue is removed from the patient’s abdomen or from the inside of the thighs and prepared for the lip filling. Tissue removal is easy and leaves no scars on the patient. The body filler itself is very well absorbed by the body and can be easily spread and formed on the lips. Injection under the skin is carried out on the same principle as with synthetic materials. Unfortunately, the body also breaks down the body’s own filling material. The treatment of lip injections with autologous fat tissue usually takes place in 2 to 3 sessions. The result is aesthetically full lips.

Lip Injection Turkey Antalya Cost

What are the advantages of lip injections in Turkey?

Lip injections are a modern method to restore the volume of days gone by to your lips or to correct asymmetries. In addition, this procedure does not require an operation. Before the treatment, the lip can be numbed with an ointment so that you don’t feel the punctures as much.

What are the risks associated with lip injections?

The method involves few risks. Lips may feel numb after filling, but this will go away over time. Immediately after the application, the lips often appear a bit too plump, since the tissue first has to absorb the filler.

Lip Injections – Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of this non-surgical treatment varies based on how much filler is needed. An ampoule of filler costs around EUR 250.

Lips can be made fuller and plumper by injecting hyaluronic acid or filler. The upper lip can be shortened. Wrinkles on the upper and lower lip can be made less visible.

Results usually last six to twelve months.

Yes, lip plumping can be done over and over again.

Hyaluronic acid is considered the safest lipid injection because it is composed of a substance already present in the body. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by the body and has been used in aesthetic medicine for 15 years. Hyaluronic acid is made from skin cells. This substance is an essential part of the basic substance of the skin and serves as a supporting tissue.

After the treatment, the lip may feel a little numb. But this usually goes away quickly.

Yes, at Get Beauty Turkey you can also book lip augmentations together with other correction methods.