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Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty Turkey – Costs – Pricing & Procedure

Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty Turkey – Costs: Discover advanced techniques for eyelid surgery at GetBeauty in Turkey. Attractive pricing, top-tier care, and rapid recovery are at your fingertips.

Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty in Turkey/Antalya – Costs: starting from £1,190 or $1,490

Eyelid Surgery – Correction Turkey/Antalya | Treatment Duration – Clinic Stay – Prices & Costs

Eyelid correction or the removal of tear bags in Turkey typically lasts between 1 and 3 hours. Patients should plan for a clinic stay of 1 to 2 days. The cost for an eyelid surgery in Antalya starts from £1,190 or $1,490.

Duration of Treatment

1 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay


Price & Costs

From £1,190 or $1,490

Table of Contents

Eyelid Correction – Blepharoplasty

Eyelid correction and tightening, which optimize both the appearance and function of the eyelids, are specialized medical domains that utilize advanced techniques to enhance the eye area. In eyelid correction, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed to tighten the eyelids and minimize tear bags. Blepharoplasty procedures can focus on the upper or lower eyelid and involve techniques specifically aimed at achieving a younger and refreshed appearance. Both procedures are intricate and require precise medical skills. Hence, it’s essential that they be performed by surgeons experienced in aesthetic eye surgery.

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Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty in Antalya, Turkey

At GetBeauty in Antalya, we are proud to be at the forefront of eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, in Turkey. We understand the desire of many individuals to attain a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. With the latest techniques and a dedicated team, we ensure a comprehensive service from the initial consultation to post-operative care. The costs for eyelid surgery in Turkey are competitive, with quality always being our top priority. Together, we work towards enhancing your confidence and radiance through superior Eyelid surgery solutions.

eyelid correction in turkey surgery costs

Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty Abroad

The interest in aesthetic eye surgery overseas is steadily increasing, with the combination of top-notch medical care and economic attractiveness being particularly compelling. Countries with a stellar reputation in plastic surgery, like Turkey, offer not only outstanding medical services but also an opportunity to explore cultural highlights and local attractions. Nonetheless, individuals considering eyelid removal or bag reduction should conduct thorough research and seek expert opinions to ensure both the clinic and the surgeon meet their individual requirements.

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Eyelid Surgery Turkey – Benefits

For those considering eyelid surgery or the removal of tear bags, Antalya has emerged as a top destination lately. With highly qualified plastic surgeons and the use of the latest medical technologies, Turkey has positioned itself as a leader in aesthetic eye surgery. At GetBeauty, we focus on the individual needs and expectations of our patients. We emphasize good pricing and safety during treatment. This makes Turkey a top-notch choice for eyelid correction.

How does an eyelid correction Türkiye Antalya work? surgery costs
eyelid correction cost How does an eyelid correction Türkiye Antalya work? surgery costs

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey/Antalya – Attractive Costs

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey – Costs: Our comprehensive all-inclusive packages for eyelid correction at GetBeauty in Antalya aren’t just a highlight in terms of pricing. They also stand out due to our complete service. Besides the actual eyelid surgery, the package encompasses all required medications, transfers within Antalya, and, of course, support in English and German. Thanks to the top-tier medical care and competitive prices for eyelid surgeries (starting at £1,190 or $1,490), GetBeauty Turkey has cemented its position as a market leader in this domain. It is the go-to choice for those seeking a rejuvenated appearance around their eyes.

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Eyelid Surgery in Turkey – At Fair Costs

Eyelid Surgery in Turkey – Costs starting from 1,190 pounds or 1,490 dollars – an outstanding value for money. Our all-inclusive packages for eyelid correction at GetBeauty in Antalya stand out due to cost efficiency and top-tier service. In addition to the surgical procedures, this offer includes all necessary medications, transfers within Antalya, and of course, support in both English and German. With its excellent medical standards and transparent pricing, GetBeauty Turkey has positioned itself as a leader in this sector, becoming the first point of contact for everyone aiming for a rejuvenated eye appearance.

Eyelid Surgery – Risks

Like any surgical procedure, eyelid surgery carries certain risks. These include potential infections, bleeding, scarring, and reactions to anesthesia. In rare cases, persistent swelling, asymmetry, or visual impairments may occur. At GetBeauty in Turkey, we make every effort to minimize these risks. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques and adhere to the strictest hygiene standards. We strongly advise every patient to undergo a comprehensive examination and consultation by a qualified doctor before the operation to fully understand both the potential risks and benefits of eyelid correction.

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Eyelid Surgery in Turkey – Minimizing Risks

Eyelid correction, like any surgical treatment, might come with certain risks. However, at GetBeauty in Turkey, we employ the latest technologies and recognized procedures to keep these risks to a minimum. Our highly qualified surgeons strictly follow hygiene practices and ensure detailed pre-operative assessment as well as meticulous post-operative care. Ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all our patients while meeting the highest quality standards is our foremost concern.

Eyelid surgery Correction Risk

Eyelid Surgery – Correction – Costs | Frequently Asked Questions

In our “FAQ” section at GetBeauty in Turkey, we answer all your questions about eyelid correction and tear bag removal. From preparation to aftercare and costs, you will receive comprehensive information about the entire process here. Our experts are on hand to clear up any uncertainties regarding eyelid surgery.

It is primarily bags under the eyes and so-called drooping eyelids that cause the face to age prematurely, sometimes even in young people. The skin structure plays an important role, especially since irregularities, pockets or dark furrows are often quickly noticed due to the very sensitive skin of the eyelid. The Get Beauty Turkey Team Antalya offers you professional plastic surgery in Turkey so that you can meet your fellow human beings in a fresh and open manner and at the same time your personal well-being is constantly being improved.

To achieve an open and dynamic appearance, our Antalya travel team recommends an eyelid surgery that completely removes excess skin, muscle tissue and fat. First, the incisions are marked by your cosmetic surgeon in Turkey, followed by sedation, depending on the type of procedure. To ensure that no scars are visible after the operation, the incisions are made in such a way that they run parallel to the edges of the eyelids and can therefore be hidden in the skin folds and the edges of the wound are sutured microfinely.

Eyelid correction Turkey / Antalya: If you suffer from bags under the eyes, ie the classic problem of the lower eyelids, i.e. age-related swelling of the lower eyelids, we offer you the aesthetic correction of the lower eyelids in Turkey. Bags under the eyes are often referred to as “fat bags” because fat accumulates in the lower eyelids – the fat that stays around the eye during puberty gradually decreases with age and the very thin skin of the lid becomes rounded.

A clean and subtle incision along the lash line opens the lower edge of the lid and gently removes the fatty tissue. In some patients, the outer corner of the lid is fixed to the bone (cantangle fixation) so that the lower lid is not misaligned. Since a lower eyelid lift takes a little longer than an upper eyelid lift (approx. 90 minutes), we at Get Beauty Turkey Antalya recommend general anesthesia. As an alternative to this surgical procedure, it is also possible to carry out a plastic procedure on the lower eyelid above the conjunctival sac so that no scars remain.

If you suffer from “true” dark circles where the lower eyelids are protruding, that’s bags under the eyes. These are most effectively corrected by plastic surgery on the underside of the eyelid. The alternative options that we also offer in Turkey are non-surgical and non-cosmetic eyelid corrections. In this case, hyaluronic acid or autologous fat can be injected. Although hyaluronic acid gel is a bit cheaper, especially in Turkey, better results can be achieved with autologous fat. In order to inject autologous fat into the dark circles under the eyes, it must first be obtained in the form of liposuction (e.g. on the knees, stomach or legs).

As we age, the skin on the forehead follows gravity and slowly sags. This leads to more wrinkles in the upper eyelid, making you look tired and sad. In addition, the field of vision can be disturbed. An eyelid lift, also known as blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, removes sagging skin and excess fat and muscle tissue for a visually rejuvenated effect.

A lid correction can be a lasting aesthetic success. Patients who decide to have an eyelid lift in Turkey look much fresher and more vital after cosmetic surgery. This desired rejuvenating effect lasts for many years and ensures greater well-being.

Eyelid correction Turkey / Antalya: Eyelid lifting is a routine, low-risk operation under local anesthesia that rarely leads to complications. No postoperative pain is to be expected. However, in the first few days after the eyelid correction, there may be slight swelling, bruising, dryness or temporary sensory disturbances at the edge of the eyelid.

Lifting the upper lid removes excess skin and small pieces of muscle and fat tissue from the upper lid. With a professional incision, the surgical scar disappears as inconspicuously as possible in the crease of the eyelid. With a lower eyelid lift, the incision is made below the lash line. The skin is slightly raised. Fat deposits can then be removed or redistributed. In addition, it is often advisable to tighten the lingual ligament of the eyelid. The thin skin of the eyelids usually heals quickly and easily. Older scars are difficult to see after a few months.

After the eyelid correction, a grace period of at least five to seven days is recommended. Sporting activities and heavy physical labor should not be resumed for at least two to three weeks. An eyelid lift in Turkey offers you the wonderful opportunity to combine your cosmetic surgery with a relaxing holiday in Antalya.

Drooping eyelids often develop later in life when the skin on the forehead or eyebrows loses its elasticity and weakens. However, they can also be genetically determined and appear at a young age. With a droopy eyelid, the movable part of the upper eyelid is almost invisible because it is covered with layers of overhanging skin. The drooping eyelids make the eyes appear less open and fresh. It is mainly a cosmetic “bug”. Very droopy eyelids can also limit vision and put the eye to a severe test. Eyelid correction is an effective and targeted treatment for drooping eyelids.

Eye bags are also visible signs of aging. They are caused by sagging skin and the formation of accumulations of fat in the lower part of the eyelid. Of course, these pronounced skin changes can also be surgically removed (by lifting the lower eyelid). During this cosmetic correction, a small incision is made at the bottom of the eyelid to tighten loose skin and remove excess fatty tissue.

Yes, an eyelid surgery / correction can be a lasting aesthetic success. Patients who decide to have an eyelid lift in Turkey look much fresher and more vital after cosmetic surgery. This desired rejuvenating effect lasts for many years and ensures greater well-being.

Cost overview for eyelid correction at GetBeauty in Turkey:

If you’re considering eyelid tightening or tear bag removal, it’s essential to fully understand the associated costs. At GetBeauty in Antalya, we offer you state-of-the-art procedures at competitive prices.

Transparent Pricing for Cutting-Edge Treatments

The cost of eyelid surgery in Turkey/Antalya starts at 1,290 EUR. This price not only represents a competitive value compared to international standards but also reflects the high medical standard we provide to our patients.

All-Inclusive Packages for Your Satisfaction

At GetBeauty, we emphasize providing our clients with clear and transparent prices without hidden additional costs. Our price includes all aspects of your treatment – from the initial consultation to aftercare.


Turkey, especially Antalya, has earned a reputation for offering excellent medical services in the field of aesthetic surgery at reasonable prices. At GetBeauty, we understand that undergoing eyelid correction is a significant decision. That’s why we offer top-notch services without compromising quality. For more information or consultation about costs and treatment procedures, we are at your disposal.