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PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey

PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey / Antalya - Costs & Procedure

Duration of Treatment

30 Minutes

Hospital Stay



From 300€

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What is PRP wrinkle treatment?

PRP wrinkle treatment is a modern procedure for tightening the skin of the face and neck, based on the regenerative ability of the body’s tissues. The abbreviation PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. In addition to the usual methods of tightening the skin with hyaluronic acid or botulinum toxin, PRP stimulates collagen growth through special growth factors in the PR plasma. The special feature of this procedure lies in the natural mechanisms that contribute to skin regeneration and skin tightening. This form of wrinkle smoothing does not require any foreign substances.

Our cooperation partners will endeavor to explain the procedure of PRP wrinkle treatment in detail. They essentially follow your wishes. Before the skin is tightened with PRP, your medical history will be documented and a physical examination will be performed. Turkish plastic surgeons will discuss and explain all aspects of the treatment in an informative session. Part of the discussion focuses on explaining the risks, alternatives and costs of PRP wrinkle treatment in Turkey.

PRP Wrinkle Treatment in Turkey
How does a PRP wrinkle treatment work in Turkey

How does a PRP wrinkle treatment work in Turkey?

The term PRP therapy refers to PRP wrinkle treatment (platelet-rich plasma). It is an innovation in biostimulation and aesthetic medicine for skin rejuvenation. Another common term for PRP treatment is “vampire lifting” or “vampire therapy”.

Before the start of the plasma lifting, your face will be numbed with a special anesthetic ointment for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, blood is collected and processed in a centrifuge, after which the activated plasma is injected with micro-fine needles. The depth of the perforations is usually less than just two millimeters, so they are only perceived as minimal “picks”.

The PRP wrinkle treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis in the clinic of your choice in Turkey. Blood is collected and processed to obtain blood plasma with a high concentration of platelets. The PRP is injected directly under the skin with a thin syringe. The stimulated regeneration processes of your skin start their work and improve the structure of your skin significantly. You can leave the clinic shortly after the operation. If you wish, you can have the PRP treatment carried out several times.

It goes without saying that your Turkish plastic surgeons work according to the most modern medical and technical standards. The hygiene regulations in force for aesthetic procedures are fully respected.

PRP wrinkle treatment cost

What are the advantages of PRP wrinkle treatment abroad?

The PRP wrinkle treatment for tightening the skin of the face and neck is also known as “Dracula therapy” because you provide the basic material for the treatment yourself: your own blood. The advantage: Substances produced by the body usually do not cause any allergic reactions or intolerances and can be easily integrated into the body’s natural processes.

If you need a new kick for your skin because your skin looks dull or tired, the vampire facelift is for you. PRP plasma therapy is also very effective for dull skin and tired eyes. Blood self-treatment is also suitable for all skin colours, skin types and age groups. With PRP therapy, an absolutely natural result is always achieved.

PRP Wrinkle Treatment Risk

What are the risks of PRP wrinkle treatment?

Swelling and reddening of the face appear immediately after self-hematotherapy. This response is highly desirable and indicates that growth factor release is successful. The reddening of the face is usually barely visible after about 60 minutes. The swelling may still be clearly visible the next day.

After about two days you can go out again. However, if you are planning an event, it is best to rest for at least five days. After about seven days you will see the first results. The end result of a PRP wrinkle treatment is usually visible after about four weeks.

Once you’ve scheduled your PRP wrinkle treatment, avoid taking aspirin or other blood thinners for at least ten days to avoid bruising. If you need to take such medications, you should inform your doctor beforehand. It is necessary to drink plenty of fluids and not eat for two hours before starting treatment.

As with any medical injection treatment, some side effects may occur. This is swelling and redness that will subside after a day or two. Minimal bruising, especially around the eyes, usually disappears after a maximum of two weeks. Extremely rare side effects are infections that can be treated with antibiotics.