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Chin Correction Turkey – Costs, Prices & Procedure

Chin Correction Turkey – Costs, Prices & Procedure: GetBeauty offers top-tier chin correction services in Turkey at compelling prices. Explore the blend of quality and affordability for your ideal appearance.

Chin Correction in Turkey / Antalya – Starting at £1,790 – $2,190


Chin Correction Turkey – Treatment Duration – Hospital Stay – Prices & Costs

A chin correction in Turkey typically lasts between 1 to 3 hours. Patients should anticipate a hospital stay of 1 to 2 days. The costs for a chin correction in Antalya begin at  £1,790 – $2,190,

Duration of Treatment

1 - 3 Hours

Hospital Stay

1 Night


From £1,790 – $2,190

Table of Contents

Chin Correction – Mentoplasty

Chin correction, also known as mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to refine the shape and proportion of the chin in relation to other facial structures. This correction can include enlargement with the use of implants or reduction and reshaping of the bone tissue. A harmonious chin profile can elevate self-confidence and have a positive effect on the overall facial appearance. Before opting for a chin correction, it’s crucial to obtain thorough consultation and information.

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Chin Correction in Antalya/Turkey

Chin Correction in Turkey/Antalya – Where Perfection Meets Affordability:

Antalya, often referred to as the “Pearl of the Mediterranean,” has established itself as a premier destination for cosmetic procedures. At GetBeauty, we offer top-tier chin corrections at affordable prices. With highly skilled surgeons, state-of-the-art technology, and the allure of a vacation destination, Antalya offers an unbeatable combination. At GetBeauty, you can merge beauty enhancement with relaxation. Don’t hesitate any longer; trust in GetBeauty in Antalya for your cosmetic endeavors.

Chin Correction Turkey costs
Chin correction Turkey Antalya costs

Chin Correction Abroad – New Horizons in Cosmetic Medicine

The interest in cosmetic surgeries, especially chin correction, abroad has been steadily increasing. The appeal lies not only in top-notch medical care but also in the enticing cost-benefit ratio. Countries renowned for excellence in plastic surgery, such as Turkey, offer both medical expertise and a rich cultural experience. However, those planning on undergoing chin correction should conduct thorough research and seek professional consultation to find the best clinic and the right surgeon.

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Chin Correction in Turkey – Your Advantages

Antalya has established itself as a hotspot for aesthetic procedures, especially chin corrections. The combination of top-trained plastic surgeons, state-of-the-art technology, and attractive prices puts Turkey at the forefront of facial surgery. At GetBeauty, we focus intensely on the individual demands and desires of our clients. We are committed to offering high-quality treatments at fair prices, always keeping safety and quality in view. This positions Turkey as a top destination for chin corrections.

Chin correction Türkiye costs

Chin Correction Turkey/Antalya – Attractive Costs

Chin Correction Turkey – Costs: At GetBeauty in Antalya, we offer comprehensive all-inclusive packages for chin corrections that not only impress with their pricing but also stand out due to our top-tier service. Included in the package, apart from the surgical procedure, are all the necessary medications, transfers within Antalya, and a German-speaking companion. With the combination of excellent medical care and attractive prices for chin correction (starting from £1,790 – $2,190), GetBeauty Turkey has established itself as a market leader in this sector, becoming the go-to for those wanting to refine their profile.

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Chin Correction Antalya – At Unbeatable Costs

Chin Correction Turkey – Prices starting from £1,790 – $2,190, an offer that boasts an outstanding value for money. Our all-inclusive packages for chin corrections at GetBeauty in Antalya provide a perfect balance of cost-effectiveness and quality. These packages not only cover the surgical procedure but also include all required medications, transfers within Antalya, and assistance in German. Thanks to top-notch medical services and transparent pricing, GetBeauty Turkey has positioned itself as a leader in this sector and stands out as the premier destination for those considering a chin modification.

Chin Correction costs Risk

Chin Correction Risks – Tailored Treatments

Like any surgical procedure, chin correction carries certain risks. These can include infections, bleeding, and potential reactions to anesthesia. In rare instances, there may be scarring or undesired changes in the treated area. At GetBeauty in Turkey, we utilize the most advanced techniques and maintain the highest hygiene standards to minimize these risks. We strongly advise every patient to undergo a comprehensive consultation and examination by a qualified specialist prior to the procedure, ensuring a full understanding of potential risks and benefits of chin correction.

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Chin Correction Turkey Risk Reduction

Every surgical procedure, including chin correction, comes with its set of inherent risks. However, at GetBeauty in Turkey, we employ the latest technologies and methodologies to keep such risks at a minimum. Our experts adhere to stringent hygiene protocols, ensuring detailed preparation as well as meticulous post-operative care. Our primary aim is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all patients while delivering outstanding results.

Facelift Türkei / Antalya – Frequently Asked Questions

Chin correction in Turkey / Antalya: The surgical procedure for chin augmentation is carried out according to the current hygiene standards for surgical procedures. Here, your surgeons can change the chin with their bone material or bone grafts. In the case of a chin reduction, however, the bone is surgically removed to achieve a reduction in size.

Both operations are performed under general anesthesia and can be performed on an outpatient basis. The incisions are designed in such a way that there are no visible scars on the face. You will continue to be looked after by the relevant team after the operation.

In general, it is aesthetic reasons that motivate people to opt for chin correction. The chin is a peculiarity that significantly disturbs the line of the profile if it does not correspond to the general ideal of beauty. Men in particular often want a perfectly defined chin that gives the face a distinctive, expressive character.

The purpose of chin correction is to achieve an optimal match between the proportions of the face. In this operation, it is necessary to create an overall aesthetic picture that satisfies both the patient and the surgeon.

Chin correction Turkey / Antalya: Before a surgical chin correction, there are specific agreements between you as the patient and the treating plastic surgeon, so that your personal wishes and ideas can be implemented 100%. In a detailed consultation, Turkish surgeons will answer all your questions about chin correction and plastic chin surgery.

Your health needs, surgical technique, alternative options, risk factors and cost of chin correction in Turkey will be discussed with you. We have a separate list for you on our website. Because of this discussion, the results of the anamnesis (your medical history) and the first physical examinations, Turkish surgeons will develop an individual treatment concept with you.

A chin that is not very visible is commonly referred to as a receding chin. It can be corrected during cosmetic surgery. Anatomically designed silicone implants are often used to lengthen a retracted chin. A protruding chin, on the other hand, can only be shortened by targeted grinding.

A double chin is caused by excess tissue that accumulates around the chin. Large accumulations of fat are usually to blame for this aesthetic flaw. The sagging of skin that occurs with advancing age or after massive weight loss can also promote the development of a double chin. Liposuction effectively and permanently removes unwanted fat deposits on the chin. An additional facelift may be needed to tighten the loose skin.

While one person’s chin may appear too large, another person’s chin is less pronounced and flatter. Both chin shapes can be perfectly shaped by the cosmetic surgery, so that the end result adapts harmoniously to your personal facial profile.

The surgical preparation, implementation and follow-up are expertly accompanied by the surgical team and the cooperating anesthesia team. Your individual surgical concept will be implemented by all participants with well-founded knowledge and tact. After the healing period, you can enjoy a well-formed chin.

After the healing phase, you can enjoy your harmonious and aesthetic facial profile. With this operation, Turkish facial surgeons improve your quality of life, increase your self-esteem and let you enjoy your newly acquired attractiveness. In the future, you can broaden your view in the mirror and enjoy your tall profile.

Immediately after the operation, there may be an unpleasant feeling of tension, which can possibly be treated with analgesics. Give yourself a seven to 10 day break before returning to work. Sports activities and saunas should be avoided for four weeks.

When chin correction is performed by an experienced doctor, complications are rare. However, there is always a residual risk with any surgical procedure. Swelling and bruising should go away completely after a few days or weeks. Some patients experience temporary numbness in the operated area, which disappears after a short time. In rare cases, bleeding, scarring or infections can occur after the operation.

Turkey as a destination for chin correction – Reasons and Benefits:

In recent years, Turkey has emerged as a primary target in medical tourism, especially in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. For procedures such as chin correction, many individuals consider Turkey as their preferred country for undergoing the treatment. Here are the main reasons why Turkey is chosen as the top destination for chin corrections:

  • Highly Qualified Doctors: Turkish surgeons in the realm of plastic surgery are often trained globally and have extensive experiences. Many are members of global medical associations and are renowned for their excellence in their specialization.
  • State-of-the-Art Clinics and Technology: Turkish healthcare facilities are equipped with the latest technology. Many of these institutions have international accreditations and adhere to strict safety and hygiene standards.
  • Value for Money: The prices for medical procedures in Turkey are often more affordable compared to many Western countries, without compromising on quality.
  • Geographical and Cultural Advantages: Turkey, bridging Europe and Asia, is easily accessible for patients from various parts of the world. Additionally, visitors can explore the country’s rich history and culture.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: Many clinics in Turkey offer comprehensive packages that not only include the medical procedure but also accommodation, transportation, and sometimes sightseeing tours.
  • Personal Attention: Due to patient-centric focus and Turkish hospitality, patients feel individually cared for and valued, contributing to an overall positive experience.

In Conclusion

With a blend of expertise, cutting-edge technology, competitive prices, and cultural richness, Turkey presents a top-tier choice for procedures like chin correction. Nevertheless, thorough research and selecting a reputable clinic are essential.

Cost overview for chin correction at GetBeauty in Turkey:

If you are considering a chin correction, it is crucial to have a clear picture of the expenses involved. At GetBeauty in Antalya, we offer you state-of-the-art procedures at competitive prices. Prices for a chin correction in Turkey at GetBeauty start from as little as  £1,790 – $2,190.

Transparent Pricing for Top Technology 

The costs for a chin correction in Turkey starts at GetBeauty from  £1,790 – $2,190. This price not only offers an attractive value in an international context but also represents the high medical and technological standard that we provide to our patients.

All-Inclusive Packages for Your Peace of 

Mind At GetBeauty, we prioritize offering our patients clear and upfront pricing without any hidden fees. Our price includes everything from the initial consultation to the final post-operative care.

Conclusion Turkey, especially Antalya, has positioned itself internationally with top-notch medical services in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery at attractive prices. At GetBeauty, we understand that chin correction is a significant decision for many of our patients. Therefore, we offer top-tier services without compromising on quality. For detailed information or consultations about costs and the procedure’s flow, we are at your disposal.